I Remember Television


Flash Gordon: Planet of Death

Tonight it's the classic sci-fi series Flash Gordon from 1954! Dr. Zarkoff's request to test his new anti-gravitation device on a remote planet is denied because of the mysterious deaths of a recent scientific expedition. Can Flash Gordon solve this mystery?

AIRED: November 05, 2017 | 0:55:51

(upbeat music)

- [Man] Now wasn't that nice?

- [Ron] Hello and welcome to this week's episode of

I Remember Television Again.

In the year 1954,

nearly a decade since the end of World War II

the characters of Alex Raymond's comic strip

Flash Gordon came to life on television screens

across the country.

Steve Holland stars as Flash Gordon,

with his sidekicks Dale Arden played by Irene Champlin

and Hans Zarkov portrayed by Joseph Nash.

As agents of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation,

who travel in their ship, the Sky Flash

across the galaxy to battle cosmic villains

of grand proportions.

Easily recognized by the opening theme song

and Flash Gordon's distinct costume pieces,

we enter the Galactic Bureau of Investigation

where Hans Zarkov is trying to convince the commander

to approve a test of his anti-gravitation device

on the abandoned planet of Tarset.

So let's take a look back at The Adventures of Flash Gordon

as I Remember Television Again.

(dramatic music)

- [Narrator]The planet Tarset.


Inhabited only by shadows of a civilization long dead.

A planet where life of every kind has departed.

- We must use Tarset, Commander Richards.

There is no other planet on which

we can conduct our negative gravity experiment.

- Theremust be another place!

Tarset is out.

- Tarset is deserted.

We can set up our experimental equipment

using robot mechanisms, and gage the impulse reactions

by electronic equipment set up in the Sky Flash.

- I'm fully aware of the importance of your work, Dr. Zarkov,

but you'll have to find another planet

that will do as well as Tarset.

- There is none to our knowledge. I told you that before.

Tarset is ideal.

- Well then, you'll have to find some place

that's not so ideal.

Tarset will not be used.

- But why?

Will you please tell me why?

- You don't know what just happened

to the exploratory mission we sent to Tarset?

- No, I've been in my mountain lab

completely out of touch with things.

What happened?

- We'll soon know the details.

All I've had up to now are fragmentary reports,

but even from them, I'd be a murderer if I let you go.

- Flash Gordon is here sir,

with Dr. Jeffers of the Tarset expedition.

- Good. Send them in at once.

Now we'll get the full story.

- I'm so sorry, Dr. Jeffers. Can I get you something?

- I don't think he's strong enough

to answer any questions right now, Commander.

Ever since he landed his spaceship, he's been hysterical.

We did what we could to calm him down, but--

- This is Dr. Jeffers, one of the scientists

we sent on the exploratory mission to Tarset.

- Jeffers, of course.

- You know him?

- By reputation only.

I'm familiar with his treatise on astro-hydraulics.

Remember Dale?

- That's right, Doctor.

He's in a state of complete nervous shock.

Well Dr. Jeffers, what happened up there?

I'm Dr. Zarkov.

What happened on Tarset?

Where are the others who went with you?

- Dead.


- [Richards] How?

What happened?

- Speak up, man. What happened?

- I'm afraid he won't be able to answer

any more questions, Doctor.

He's completely--

- No, no. It's important that they know.

I'll do my best.

Don't send anyone there.

You'll murder every man you send to Tarset!

- What kind of nonsense is this?

- Nonsense?

Do you call it nonsense when your own companions

are stricken before your very eyes?

When suddenly they are dead for no reason,

for no cause except the curse.

- The curse?

What curse?

- Curse...of Belphegor.

It strikes in silence. It will kill anyone

who sets foot on that horrible planet.

- [Flash] It didn't killyou.

- I escaped. It's a miracle.

Just a miracle.

- Perhaps you better tell usexactly what happened?

- Yes.

Yes, I will.

There were four of us in that expedition.

Four of us who landed on Tarset.

There was Williams, leader of our company,

an outstanding physicist.

Leclair, astro-chemist,

Bending, our engineer,

and myself.

Our landing on Tarset was easy enough.

We made our way to a structure

that we had seen from the spaceship.

It was the only building not in utter ruin.

(eerie music)

- [Jeffers] Inside, we made our way along a corridor.

the sides thick with dust

and all around there was the horrible feeling of death.

We reached a bend in the corridor,

like an invisible hand it grabbed us.

We stopped, afraid to make the turn.

Williams finally had the courage to go on.

I wanted to turn and run back to the ship.

I'd never known fear like that,

even when Iknew what I feared!

Finally, one by one, we followed him.

(eerie music)

- [Jeffers] Williams saw it first.

Belphegor, ancient God of Tarset.

Its face, its face looked as if

it had been carved out of a solid block of evil.

And then, we heard its voice.

- [Belphegor] I am Belphegor.

Know all ye who trespass upon my tomb

that upon ye shall rest my curse forever more.

- [Jeffers] The voice!

That horrible voice.

Istill hear it.

Williams walked towards the idol on the throne.

Then suddenly, a blinding light shot down upon him,

shooting from its single eye.

He fell.

Leclair ran to help him, and the light caught him.

Bending and I stood horrified.

They were dead. So we turned. we ran.

As if evil on the wind were after us, we ran.

I heard Bending running behind me.

Suddenly, he screamed.

I looked back.

The lighthad him.

He fell towards me.

I just ran on.

- A terrifying experience.

- Don't sendanyone to that planet.

It's cursed!

- [Zarkov] Ridiculous.

Wemust use Tarset for our negative gravity experiments.

- [Flash] Aren't we sticking our necks out?

If what happened to him happened tous --

- We have no choice!

The threat to our galaxy from the people of Ebon

has never been so serious as it is now.

Our only defense will be negative gravity.

- Find some other place for the experiments!

- [Zarkov] Thereis no other place.

Tarset is the one astro-graphical location

where the repelling force of negative gravity

is effective in relation to Earth.

Besides, who believes this business

of idols and strange curses?

It's superstitious rot.

- Isaw it!

- You'll have a chance to see it again.

I'm going to Tarset.

- I'm with you, Doctor.

- Dale?

- [Dale] I'm ready to start right now.

- Well, Dr. Jeffers?

We can't make it without you,

but if you'll come along as our guide

we can save much valuable time.

- No.


I can't.

- [Flash] The defense of the galaxy depends upon it.

Everything we have, our civilization, our science.

Everything will be wiped out if the people of Ebon

are victorious.

How can you refuse?

- No. Of course, you're right.

I can't refuse. I'll go along with you to Tarset.

- Good. Prepare the flight plans. Will you, Commander?

We'll be off in 48 hours.

Come on Dale, Doctor.

(dramatic music)

(rocket hums)

- [Flash] Invasions from Ebon.

Idols, strange voices and strange lights.

Do you think anybody will believe that stuff, Doctor?

- [Zarkov] Idols, curses? Rot.

How canyou, a trained scientist, believe it?

- A man believes what hesees,

and I have seen these things.

So will you.

(eerie music)

(rocket hums)

(eerie music)

- Wait! Around that bend is the temple.

Please don't enter.

We'll never get out alive.

-You did the last time. Maybe we'll be as lucky.

- Let's go, Doctor.

- [Jeffers] Stop!

Please stop here before we all die!


- [Zarkov] Going someplace?

Come on.

- Who's this? Bending?

- [Jeffers] Just as he fell.

(eerie music)

- Williams and Leclair?

- Yes.

- [Belphegor] I am Belphegor.

- The voice!

- [Belphegor] Know all ye who trespass upon my tomb

that upon ye shall rest--

- Get back.

- [Belphegor] My curse forever more.

(dramatic music)

- What's the matter around here?

- No, don't!

Now do you believe me?

Let meout!


I've got to get outside!

Open the door! Let me out! Let me out!

- Flash and the professor are trapped!

- Dale, one trip out there and you're dead.

- But we've got to help them!

- There's nothing we can do.Nothing!

- [Jeffers] Inside!

Professor Jeffers!

Professor Jeffers, inside!

(banging) Let meout!

Let meout!

- All right, Professor Jeffers.

If you ever expect to get out of here alive,

start telling the truth!

- The truth?

What are you talking about?

You saw-- - I saw plenty!

Enough to know that you've been lying from the word go.

- I haven't!

- Tell the truth! What's it all about?

- I don't know.

The curse of Belphegor.

- What kind of a moron do you take me to be, Jeffers?



The next you'll be spinning about will be witches

riding around on brooms!

You'relying! - No!

- You said Benning was killed while running

down the corridor with you. But when we found him,

his head wastowards the idol.

He wasn't killed while running away,

he was killed before he evergot there!

Why did you lie aboutthat?!

- I didn't!

- All three were killed, but you were allowed to escape!

Why?! - I don'tknow!

- Youdo know! Tell me the truth!

- I won't tell you anything!

Let me out!


Let meout!

It's I, Professor Jeffers!

Let meout!

Let meout!


- The walls!

They're coming in to crush us!


- Now will you tell the truth?

They're gonna kill you along with the rest of us.

- No, they can't.

They promised to save me.

- Who, who promised?

- The men of Ebon, they trapped us in the temple.

They told us to help them or die.

Williams, Leclair, and Benning chose death.

- Why is Tarset so important to them?!

- To the invasion, it's coming in this direction.

They want to use Tarset as a staging area

for their final assault upon Earth.


- How could you betray your galaxy like that?

And worse, watch Earth, watch your friends die

while you agreed to help their killers!

- I don't know. I know it's crazy.

They offered me money, power, and a chance to be

recognized as a great scientist.

I'mafraid! I'm afraid to die!

- You think you have a right to live?

- Save me.

I'm sorry!Save me!

- Talk to the walls, Jeffers.

Maybe they'll hear you.

Call on Belphegor, maybe he'll listen!



- [Narrator]The planet Tarset, a dead, desolate world

long deserted by its people.

Here in the crumbling temple of Belphegor,

the mystic god of death,

while Flash fights for his life,

Dale and Dr. Zarkov are desperately trying to avoid

the touch of the lethal ray

emanating from the single eye of Belphegor.

In a cell nearby, Flash and the traitor Jeffers,

an Earth scientist who sold out to the people of Ebon,

are trapped between two slowly moving walls

that threaten to crush them at any moment.

(dramatic music)

- A miracle! A miracle.

- No miracle, Jeffers.

The walls are so dry and crumbling

that the pressure from the moving wall pulverized them.

The whole temple is ready to fall.

- What are you gonna do with me now?

- Right now I'm interested in Dale and Dr. Zarkov, not you.

Who else is on this planet besides us?

- Metzen. - [Flash] Who's he?

- A man from Ebon,

one of Aaron Troyson's agents,

the one who bribed me.

- How many with him?

- I don't know.


Maybe three, four.

- What's behind it all?

- I told you.

They want to use this planet to spearhead an invasion

on our galaxy.

- When? When will it begin?

- Soon.

That's all I know, soon.

It was crazy.

I didn't know why I did it.

(suspenseful music)

- Come in, Dr. Zarkov.

And bring your charming companion.

Come in.

I am Metzen.

I am chief of intelligence to his exalted mightiness

Grocko, ruler of Ebon.

- Ebon?

- Yes. Ebon.

And you were an unexpected prize, Dr. Zarkov.

I hardly expected so impressive a bag to fall into my net.

- I'm easily bored with second rate theatrics.

So why not get to the point?

- Point one, don't look for help from Flash Gordon.

He and that idiot Jeffers are dead

bymy hand.


- [Metzen] I have spared your life, Dr. Zarkov,

up to this point because you can be of use to my sovereign.

- [Zarkov] My services are expensive.

- You can name any price.

The information we want isworth it.

- And the information?

- Complete plans and details of the negative gravity force

you have developed.

And you must give us the method to combat it.

We must know how to smash through it

so we can land our forces on Earth.

- And if I refuse?

- You will watch Miss Arden

slowly and painfully

put to death.

Well, Dr. Zarkov?

What is your answer?

- [Dale] His answer is no.

- [Zarkov] But Dale--

- [Dale] My life against the millions

they could take on Earth?

We have no choice, Doctor.

- We'll see how brave you are, Zarkov,

while you watch her slow destruction.

The death eye of Belphegor will bring

you Earthlings to your knees!

Take them to the pillar!

(suspenseful music)

- [Zarkov] I'm sorry, dear.

- I can't say I'm not scared.

- Your scientific mind, Dr. Zarkov,

won't accept the preposterous idea of an idol

possessing a lethal curse.

- The curse of Belphegor is maddening.

It's a lethal weapon, not a curse.

- You have seen the results.

- Obviously, you have a paralysis ray machine

set into the idol's head.

- Quite right.

A paralysis ray machine, whose controlled ray

cuts through organic matter,

destroying the millions of nerves,

eating its way deep into the very nerve centers

until total paralysis is achieved.

- You're a fiend.

- Not by choice.

This iswar!

- Dale, I can't let them do it.

- You must.

- [Zarkov] I can't! I can't.

- You must.

And you will.

- Your last chance, Zarkov.



Can you stand there and watch her shrivel slowly?

The instant I lower this lever,

deterioration begins.

- He's not going to tell you anything, so turnon your ray!

Get it over with.

Stop talking! Turn it on!

- [Metzen] Very well.

But only a few degrees at first,

so you can feel its power.

(suspenseful music)

- Dale!


- Swear to me, Dr. Zarkov, you won't tell them.

- [Zarkov] No.

-Swear it!

- [Zarkov] All right.

- [Metzen] You've barely felt anything.

Now let us see how brave you are, Miss Arden.

(dramatic music)

You, Gordon!

Guard! Help me!

- Flash! The ray machine, turn it off!

(ray gun firing)

- No, no!

No, no, no!

You'll kill us both!

- Untie them.

- We'll die,

just asthey did!

- You exaggerate, Metzen.

- What?

- Untie them.

- Flash, how did you figure-- - It's okay, Dale.

I heard him say the ray penetrates organic matter,

so I flipped my watch glass over the lens of the machine.

Stopped the ray dead.

- That was quick thinking.

- Yeah, we've gotta get out of here.

- Where's Professor Jeffers?

- I don't know. He said Metzen led us into this trap.

- It's hard to believe that.

- It's true. He admitted it to me.

We've gotta get back to the Skyflash

and notify Commander Richards immediately.

The invasion is about to begin.

- Stand where you are! Don't make a move!

Hail Grocko.

- Who are these Earthlings?

- They are those who would stand against

your exalted mightiness.

Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, and the bearded one is Dr. Zarkov.

- Ah, so.

I know of them.

Whosoever shall stand between Grocko and his destiny

shall be ground into dust!


Take aim!


(suspenseful music)

- Back, get back!


- Let's get out of here!

- Wait wait!

(electric humming)

- [Dale] That little man Professor Jeffers was able to

topple over that huge idol?

Howcould he? Where did he get the strength?

- [Flash] Sometimes a man finds strength in himself

he didn't know was there.

Professor Jeffers saw his chance,

and found a power to balance his books.

- [Zarkov] With a little to spare.

- Flash Gordon in Skyflash 2 calling Commander Richards

at GBI Headquarters on Earth.

(on radio)Flash Gordon calling Commander Richards.

- Richards, here.

Flash, I've been on tenterhooks

waiting for your report!

- [Flash]I'll give you all the details as soon as

we land, Commander. In the meantime,

you can call off all emergency defensive measures

as far as an invasion from Ebon is concerned.

There will be no invasion.

Grocko, the tyrant of Ebon is dead.

- Flash, are you sure? This is tremendous news.

- When you release the news, Commander,

one thing you must do.

- [Richards]Yes, Flash. What is it?

- Be sure that all credit is given to Professor Jeffers,

a great patriot who sacrificed his life

in the service of his galaxy.

Skyflash 2 signing off.

The truth will be our secret.

Ready for takeoff.

Chart a course for home. Will you, Dale?

- Home, it is.

(rocket hums)

(dramatic music)

- [Ron] I'm glad Flash Gordon was right about men

finding hidden strength,

because if the professor didn't knock over that idol,

who knows what could've happened?

Flash Gordon was actually a co-production

partly filmed in West Berlin.

So the real life rubble still there from World War II

reflects the perceived chaos of uncharted space.

Each episode of Flash Gordon was given

a three day shooting period,

and since they shot the episodes in Germany,

the majority of the crew didn't even speak English.

So you can imagine how hectic it was

during those three days.

Our next episode, we get to watch what chaos ensues

when androids enter the picture,

and see what happens when Flash Gordon's convictions

are tested.

(dramatic music)

- [Narrator]On the little planet Sithio,

a mistake is being corrected.

These are androids, creatures without minds, without souls,

indestructible, the servants of people

betrayed by their own creations.

- Gentlemen, what I'm about to do is for all mankind.

As you know, this is the central power source

for all the androids.

The men and women of our worlds

have grown useless, stagnant,

without ambition.

Possessed of servants that need no food or rest,

human beings do not struggle.

Progress ceases as the sense of accomplishment dies.

Without this sense of fulfillment,

human beings are no better

than these things they have created.


(dramatic music)

We, the representatives of all the planets,

have all taken the vow never to reveal

the three secrets of the use of androids.

The location of the vaults throughout the universe,

the frequency readings to which the androids are attuned,

and most important, the location

of this, the central power source.

Gentlemen, the future of humanity

depends upon our keeping that vow.

(mischievous music)

- This is Cartho.

- [Man]Yeah, yeah?

- I substituted myself for one of the androids and gained--

- [Man]Never mind all that.

What have you learned?

- I know all three secrets of the androids.

First, the location of the vaults.

There are android vaults on Earth, Saturn, Uranus,

Livi, Sithio, Minos...

- What is that android doing there?

It should be back in the vault.

- I don't understand it.

I'msure I saw five androids in the vault.

- No one is to go back into that vault

except in my presence.

- We will carry it in, King Lazarine.

- I shall accompany you.

- Klius, and Delio.

The frequency length of the androids

is in the delta spectrum.

Zine, omega, zine,

omega, cosign, epsil--

(ray gun fires)

- [Man]What about the power source?

The location of the power source?

- Who is this?

Someone has learned all the secrets!

- Only two.

They did not learn the location of the power source.

Without that knowledge, all other is useless.

No one need know of this.

- I understand.

(dramatic music)

- [Narrator]And so the secrets of the androids were kept.

Now, over 400 years later, in the year 3061,

three men, each a member of the Galaxy Bureau

of Investigation, know the secrets,

and each knows only one.

Commander Richards, who knows the locations

of all the android vaults throughout the universe,

Dr. Zarkov, who knows the android frequency readings,

and Flash Gordon, who holds the key,

the vital secret of the location of the power source.

(eerie music)

- I defy the power of the Galactic Council

and refuse to appear before them to answer

any such ridiculous charges.

- But you must answer to the Galactic Council,

Queen Fubia.

The GBI's received reliable information

that you've signed a mutual assistance pact

with the renegade planet Satura.

- The GBI's mistaken.

- That's hard to believe since I find of Satura's

best known agents in your throne room.

- Tridon is nothing but a personal friend.

- There are some friends that it is better not to have,

Queen Fubia.

- [Fubia] I will select my own friends, Dr. Zarkov.

- Not this time.

Tridon is an outlaw.

Only the fact that this is your throne room

prevents me from arresting him.

I'll give you five minutes to make up your mind, Queen Fubia.

Either you order Tridon off your planet,

return with me to appear before the Galactic Council,

or I'll have Sithio declared a renegade planet, too.

We'll wait outside.

- I'll have them killed.

- No, my dear queen.

You will need that young fool and his friends.

- For what?

- For what they know.

The secrets of the androids.

Without the androids, our plan to take over the galaxy

is doomed from the start.

Don't let that hot head of yours ruin everything.

- You're right as usual, Tridon.

But how do we learn those secrets?

- That will be my part of the bargain, my queen.

(suspenseful music)

- Dr. Zarkov, does the planet Sithio

mean anything special to you?

- No.

Why? Does it toyou?

- Tridon doesn't make any alliance without a purpose.

A purpose for the planet Satura.

- What purpose, Flash?

- Well Dale, I'm sure that...

Has the queen made up her mind?

- Yes.

Seize them!

(dramatic music)

Your majesty.


- Youknow what'll happen to you for this, Fubia!

- I know what's going to happen toyou,

my handsome blond friend.


- Yes, my queen?

- [Fubia] Your part of the bargain.

Fulfill it.

(suspenseful music)

- You know what this is? Don't you, Doctor?

- A centrifugal table.

Used to test the effects of a specified number of G's

on an android.

- Or a human being.

Strap him on!

- [Tridon] You know what the force of gravity can mean?

Every time you blast off in a rocket,

you experience nine G's.

How would you like to experience 15?


Perhaps 20?

Do you think you could survive?

- What do you want, Tridon?

- Information.

The location of the android power source.

Well, my friend?

Will you tell me the location of the android power source, or

must I give you a ride on the merry-go-round?

- You're a fool.

Granting that I know the location,

do you think I'd tellyou?

-You are the fool.

Go ahead!

- Wait.

He won't tell.

And we can't afford to kill him.

(sweet music)

But there isanother way.

I can give you a kingdom.

You could rule Earth.

Better, you can rule the universe at my side.

Tie him on the table!

- No, my queen.

As you said, if he dies, the secret dies with him.

I suddenly have a better idea.

I don't think he'll stand silent and watch thegirl die.

- Yes.

That will be better.

(dramatic music)


- Get on with it!

(dramatic music)

You'll pay for that, Gordon!

The location of the android power source,

or the girl dies!

- Don't!

Don't tell him, Flash!

- Well?

- Uh-uh.

(suspenseful music)

(machine hums louder)

Stop it!

Stop it!

- Flash, don't forget.

Control of the androids means domination of the universe!

(humming noise fades)

- She's still alive.

- Let me look at her.

She's alive.

- The location of the android power source!

- If I tell him, Fubia, I warn you he'll betray you.

As soon as he has no further use for Sithio,

you'll become slaves to the planet Satura.

- The power source,where is it?

- Send Dale back to Earth.

As soon as I hear from Commander Richards that she's safe,

then I'll tell you.

- You take us for idiots?


Then, watch the girl die.

(suspenseful music)

(machine hums noisily)

(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator]In an attempt to conquer the

civilized galaxies, Fubia, Queen of the planet Sithio,

and Tridon, agent of the renegade planet Satura,

are trying to learn the secret location

of the android power source somewhere on Sithio.

Only Flash Gordon knows the location,

but Dale Arden will be put to death

on the whirling centrifugal table if he does not reveal it.

(suspenseful music)

-Stop it!

Stop it, I'lltell ya!

- No, Flash. It's no use.

They'll kill us all later--

- Tridon.

- Sheis alive.

- Now, the location!

- You got a map of the Sithian mountains?

- [Flash] You'll find a door overgrown with brush.

It leads into the heart of the mountain,

and a solid cobalt quarry.

- Thank you, my friend.

You aremost cooperative.

I hope your information is accurate.

I would hate to have to operate

my little merry-go-round again.


Take this man to the cell.

- Tridon!

The universe is ours!

- Yes, my queen

after a few formalities.

Like destroying the planet governments and the GBI.

Come, my queen.

It is not far to the mountains.

- Dr. Zarkov?

- Come on.

- Oh, Flash.


Oh, why did hetell them?

They'll just destroy everything in their path.

- I know.

- [Dale] Why did you tell them?

- I couldn't let you die!

It won't do them any good. They don't know the

frequency the androids are attuned to.

- That's true.

But they'll just come back for the information

when they find that out.

- Maybe by then we'll be ready for them.


- [Zarkov] Try and get some rest.

(eerie music)

(triumphant music)

- The power source.

The universeis ours!

- Hey Doc, I've got an idea.


- Here is the first setting for our planet Sithio.

Sithio, gamma, eight, eight, seven, six, rho.

- Gamma, eight, eight, seven, six, rho.

(mischievous music)

- Ready?

- Yeah.

(bangs) - Guard!

(bangs) Guard!

(dramatic music)

- It's an android!

- Tridon and Fubia have the settings,

they've brought them tolife!

Commander Richards has to know,

androids under Satura's control

could be the end of civilization.

- If the androids are on the loose,

Commander Richards will know about it soon enough.

Let's get out of here!

- Saturn.

- Saturn.

- Gamma, eight, eight, six, five, kie.

(mischievous music)

- Livi.

- Livi.

- Gamma, eight, eight, nine, three, beta.

(mischievous music)




- Delio.

- Delio.

- Gamma, eight, eight, nine, seven, beta.

(mischievous music)

- You must be mad.

There are no more androids!

- [Man]Commander, I can see them!

- You never told me how you learned these frequency readings

and the location of the android vaults.

- Years ago, a Saturian spy

learned two of the androids' secrets.

Before he was killed, he managed to relay them.

But not the third secret, the location of the power source.

- Only Flash Gordon knew the location of the power source.

- [Man]Well, where is he?

- We haven't been able to make contact with the Skyflash

for several hours.

He was on a mission to Sithio,

and Sithio doesn't answer.

- [Man]Find Gordon.

- I'll find him!

And when I do, he'll answer to the Galaxy Council for this.

- Androids, attention on all planets.


(mischievous music)

Androids on all planets,

advance on the cities.


take the communication centers.

- Get me Uranus.

- [Operator]Uranus does not answer, sir.

- Earth androids, attack the GBI!

Earth androids,

attack GBI headquarters.

Androids, attack GBI!

- Get me Saturn.

- [Operator]Saturn does not answer, sir.

- What about the three prisoners?

- I'm sure the android we sent has disposed of them.

(mischievous music)


- They'll break in, in a few minutes, Commander!

That's no use, sir.

Ray guns don't stop them.


- Ugh!


(mischievous music)

- My dear, I need your help.

- My help?

- Something only you can give me.

Your abdication.

- My ab...

Youfilthy traitor!

- Androids,take her!

- No!

No, traitor!

Stop this!

Tridon!Stop this!



(mischievous music)



- Earth androids, listen to this.

When you have accomplished your mission,

stand by for further orders.

Stand by and wait for further orders.

Gordon! - Stand back, Tridon.

- Androids...

(ray gun fires)

(sleepy music)

- It's all over, Tridon.

- [Dale] It's a good thing you blasted the machine

before the android got the gun away from you.

- Now once and for all, the androids are destroyed.

- As they should've been 300 years ago

when the androids were outlawed

and this their power source was turned off.

- Well, we better get back to the Skyflash

to notify Commander Richards

that the androids will never return!

(triumphant music)

(rocket hums)

(dramatic music)

- [Ron] A classic thriller intensified with its provocative

use of music and a compatible cast.

Flash Gordon began America's longterm love affair

with science fiction television.

A show first of its kind,

that gave its viewers an escape

from the chaos of the Cold War.

Would later be recut into a movie

and remade for television screens once again.

If anything is certain,

it's that viewers are not willing to let the character

of Flash Gordon or his sidekicks go.

So we bid you farewell,

as the crew sets the coordinates for back home.

That is until next time,

when we again venture back to the golden days,

to the days that remind us of where this magic all began.

As I Remember Television Again.


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