Great Performances

S48 E18 | CLIP

Vanya's Tirade

Vanya (Toby Jones) and the rest of the family discuss the fate of their estate as everyone is about to set out on their own paths.

AIRED: May 07, 2021 | 0:02:13

Vanya: He'll tell you, the estate was bought for 95,000 rubles. My father

paid 70,000 down with a remaining debt of 25. The only way that this estate

could be afforded was if I renounced my inheritance.

Serebryakov: This is correct!

V: So I signed away my share in favor of my late sister, your first wife,

whom I passionately loved. Alright. To make it all possible and what's more, I then,

stupidly worked like a dog for the next 20 years to pay off the debt. So,

in actuality, my share of this estate cost me double what it would have

cost anybody else, and yet I still have absolutely nothing on paper to show

for that. Nothing! And you propose to sell it out from under me?

S: I regret that I started this discussion.

V: The only reason that this estate is free of debt is because of my personal

efforts. I'm the only reason it is actually worth selling at all! Except now that I'm

too old to do anything about it, I'm going to get thrown out on my ear!

S: Is this just willful misunderstanding or what are you saying?

V: I'm saying that for 25 years I have managed this estate. I've

sent you more money than any land agent

would have and I've raised your daughter for you, in your absence. And in all

that time you haven't ever once thanked me.

Mariya: Will you both stop this, now!

V: And, and in all that time and even now, I never received

more than 200 rubles a year, 200 rubles a year!

Children in the city get more pocket money than that!

And it never crossed your mind to add so much as a ruble more?!

S: Vanya, for Christ sake, how was I to know? You could have had more

if you wanted, as much as you'd need. I would never have known!

V: Oh you mean why didn't I steal the money? Why didn't I have the initiative

to pilfer the account? Well I realize now that's what I should have

done. That would have been the right thing to do, because

then I wouldn't be a beggar now, facing the street!

S: No one is facing the street!

Telegin: Vanya, my old pal, don't do this to yourself. Everything can be discussed.


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