Great Performances

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Haydn's Emperor Quartet

In Charleston, South Carolina, Geoff Nuttal and the St. Lawrence Quartet play Haydn's classic Emperor Quartet for Scott.

AIRED: September 18, 2020 | 0:01:48

GN: But you know which quartet would sum up the genius of Haydn,

as well or better than any others. And we came up with one of the late, Opus 76

quartets, the Emperor. So we have the four-movement

structure that he created early on, and it stayed with the quartets into

Beethoven and Mozart and everyone that followed. First movement

story telling. It's a simple story. Then the song, beautiful song Kaiserleid,

in this case. Dance! Third movement the Minuet. And then

the final movement is a party. Incredible energy, in this case, starting

dark and ending jubilant. So it's really

this first movement is one of his great stories.

SY: Love to hear it!

Here in Charleston with the St. Lawrence Quartet and in Austria and

Hungary, Haydn's old stomping grounds, I'd go with

Geoff to learn the story of the Emperor Quartet.

And through it the story of Haydn's creation of this genre of music.


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