Gershwin Prize


Inside Look | Emilio and Gloria Estefan 2019

Emilio and Gloria Estefan discuss receiving the Gershwin Prize

AIRED: May 03, 2019 | 0:01:30

- Music has given us the opportunity to bridge

so many cultures.


Let's samba.

I was sitting in the back seat of my car

and he turned to me and his face lit up

and he goes, "Are you ready for this?

"We're going to receive the Gershwin Prize

"from the Library of Congress."

(audience applauds)

- Music for me is a celebration of life.

In your life, you always want to remember special moments,

and this was one of the special moments.

- Gloria and Emilio are the perfect embodiment

of the American dream.

- Tonight, we celebrate their stellar careers,

their enduring influence on millions of people

around the world, and the profound love

they've shared for over 40 years.

- Their music speaks for itself

and has served as an inspiration to so many

around the world.

- It was the first time in history

that a couple is getting it, a Hispanic couple at that.

It was really an amazing, amazing moment.

♪ Oh-way, oh-way, oh-way, oh-way ♪

It is incredibly important for us

to represent our culture,

to save it for our children,

to celebrate it and not let it be forgotten.

♪ You've got listen to the beat ♪

Come on.

- Receiving this award is a beautiful thing

about the American dream

and I hope we can influence a lot of people

that, you know, anything you want to do in life,

you can do in this country.

♪ To the samba beat


(audience cheers and applauds)


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