Finding Your Roots

S6 E14 | CLIP

Wasrsaw Unexpected

Scarlett Johansson discovers the tragic fate of her family that stayed behind in Poland during the Holocaust. She reflects on the decision her great-grandfather made to flee to America and the immense impact it had on her entire family line.

AIRED: November 17, 2020 | 0:01:36

- Family name, Szlamberg.

First name, Mosze.

Wartime location, Warsaw ghetto.

Circumstance, time and place of death unknown.

Children's names under the age of 18 that perished.

Zlata, age 15, time and place of death, Warsaw ghetto.

Mandil, age 17, time and place of death, Warsaw ghetto.


That's sad.

And I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

(man laughs)

That's hard not to.

- It's hard not to.

- That is crazy.

I mean, you really couldn't imagine the horror.

It's just so crazy to imagine.

Now I know why you put the tissues.

(both laughs)

It's crazy to imagine that Saul would be on the other side,

selling bananas.

- Oh, yeah.

- On Ludlow Street.

- [man] Yep.

- And how different it would be

being in America at that time,

the fate of one brother versus the other.

- Yeah.

- That makes me feel more deeply connected

to that side of myself, that side of my family.

I didn't expect that.

(somber music)


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