Finding Your Roots


Season 8 Official Preview

A new season of Finding Your Roots premieres January 4, 2022! Tune in for all-new episodes as Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores fascinating ancestries and family mysteries for an array of notable guests.

AIRED: January 04, 2022 | 0:03:07

- Alright troops, we ready?

(upbeat funky music)

- Showtime. - What's up with everybody?


♪ It's your day, it's your day ♪

♪ Yes your day is here ♪

♪ So we're sending you some musical cheer. ♪

- I'm intrigued.

- I'm scared.

- This is all so, you know,

pins and needles.

(upbeat music)

- Oh!

(man laughing)

- Really?

- Whoa.

- Plot Twist.

- I'm having a hot-flash.

this is so crazy.

- This is making my emotional.

(somber music)

- My great, great grandfather

was to be split between-

- Mhm. - two

- Yes. - sons.

Like you share this toy here.

- I never even considered a

like a long heritage.

- Mhm.

- I don't know, it has an affect on you.

- Oh my gosh.

So you found my grandfather?

- It puts a lot of things into perspective

that I thought I knew about,

but now I really didn't know anything about.

- So much respect.

- Mhm.

- Wow.

This is deep man.

- I'm getting teary-eyed here.

Yeah, it's beautiful.

- It really just goes to

something deep inside me

that feels

like I'm connected.

(upbeat music)

- It explains who I am.

It really does explain who I am.

- It's like very vulnerable.

I feel like a really open face sandwich right now.

- Knowledge is power.

- Yep, indeed.

- And this is power.

- This is unbelievable!

(host laughing)

- That's so cool!

- I didn't even know that anything was missing

until I realized what wasn't there.

- I can really claim and put my foot hold,

like you know, I'm pretty Mexican (laughs)

- I'm really Korean (laughs)

- You descend from a Native American woman.

- What?

(upbeat music continues)

- I love knowing where they all came from and,

and that I'm a part of this.

- Look what they did.

Wow. - Mhm.

- Look what I come from, look what they accomplished.

- When you connect the things you,

you ask more questions about them

and you learn more about them.

And I think that that is actually

a really empowering thing.

- It's triumphant.

- It is a real re-imagining of self.

- I don't know what I expected,

but this is pretty fantastic.

- I should have had vodka.

This is insane I'm doing this sober.

- It's like a new energy

of this experience right now,

that I'm going to carry with me the rest of my life.


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