Finding Your Roots

S7 E10 | CLIP

Lewis Black and Marc Maron are DNA Cousins!

Comedy runs in the family! Lewis Black and previous Finding Your Roots guest Marc Maron are cousins.

AIRED: May 04, 2021 | 0:00:43

- No, not, that's perfect.

- Your DNA cousin is your fellow standup comedian

Marc Maron! - Marc Maron, wow.

- [Henry] Isn't that amazing?

- That's perfect.

That's really funny.

- You and Marc share DNA on seven different chromosomes.

- Is that, right? - Yeah.

So that means you share

at least one distant ancestor in your family trees

and probably multiple common ancestors on your family trees.

- Common ancestors?

- Yeah, meaning, if we had his ideal family tree and yours,

there'd be more than one person who would be the same,

like a great-great grandmother, great-great grandfather.

And we know that through DNA.

'Cause as the brothers say, "DNA don't lie."

(both laugh)

(gentle music)