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Dios Nunca Muere

An undocumented, single mother risks her freedom in order to support her young daughter. A film by Tanya Nunez.

AIRED: September 20, 2019 | 0:13:30

(people chattering)

(cars whooshing)

(phone beeping)

- [Alex] Okay.

(singing in foreign language)

(dog barking)

(cars whooshing)

(upbeat music)

(singing in foreign language)

(door squeaks)

- Alex, oh thank God you're here.

The house is a mess.

Start in the boy's bathroom this morning, okay?

It looks like a crime scene in there.

- Okay.

- [Mrs. Marson] Oh and don't forget to wash their uniforms.

- Sounds good.

- Oh yeah and this Friday,

I need you to take the boy's to their game.

The babysitter just called in with the flu

and John's on a flight that morning

and that just leaves you.

'Cause you know I have that conference all day

and I really am not sure when I'll be back.

- But Mrs. Marson, I--

- Oh sweetie, just take my van.

You do know how to drive, right?

- I do, I just can't because--

- Because what?

Alex, no one else can do it.

(breathing deeply)

- [Nathan] Mom, Ian took my PSP!

- [Mrs. Marson] Oh God, go see what they're up to.

(crickets chirping)

(car engine rumbling)

(singing in foreign language)

You haven't said a word since I picked you up.

- Nothing, just tired.

A single mother shouldn't be working so much.

At least maybe you could get your driver license that way.


(police siren wailing)

- [Police Radio] 586.

- [Officer] Do you know why I stopped you?

You were going over the speed limit,

I'm gonna have to see some license and registration.

- Can you pass me the registration?

- [Police Radio] 323 to 584, 85.

- [Officer] Well I'm gonna let you go with a warning,

you just gotta be more careful next time, understand?

- Yes sir.

- [Officer] I'll be right back.

- [Police Radio] 56 to 41.

(suspenseful music)

- Mom, you're here early.

How was school?

- It was good, and nothing-- (phone ringing)

(speaks in foreign language)

- Alexandra, it's Nancy. - Nancy?

Why are you calling so late?

It's the only time I can get a hold of you.

Besides, I wouldn't be calling if it wasn't important.

- Fine, what is it?

- [Nancy] You've been scheduled to report

to the Immigration Office on Friday to go over your case.

- Ugh (speaks in foreign language) this Friday?

- [Nancy] Yes, both you and Ximena need to be there

to answer some questions.

- I don't know, Nancy, I have to work and that's really.

- (speaks in foreign language) Alex,

what are you talking about?

We've been waiting ages to hear back from ICE,

you can't reschedule these sort of things.

- I mean, I guess I can ask for the time off work

but I just-- - Look, I know you're paranoid

because of everything that's been going on.

You can't avoid it, anyway, they know where you live,

this is your only chance to make things right, Alex.

Look, I have to go but we'll talk soon, okay?

Be safe. - Okay, bye.

- Who was that?

(light music)

(knocking on door)

- Stay here.

(woman screaming)

(speaking in foreign language)

(birds chirping)

Okay (speaks in foreign language).

- Thanks for doing this, Alex,

I really appreciate it.

- No problem, I hope you enjoy the conference.

- I can trust you, right?

- Of course. - Okay, alright,

I'm going, text me if you need anything.

Boys, your mother is leaving.

(soft music)

- Ian, Nathan, we're leaving!

(car engine revs)

Okay boys, here you are.

Good luck, I'll be back here for you later.

- [Both] Thanks, Alex.

(soft music)

(police siren wailing)

- Do you know why I pulled you over, Ma'am?

You have a busted taillight.

I'm gonna have to see some license and registration.

I'm gonna have to ask you to step out of the vehicle.

Now, Ma'am!

- [Alex] Housekeeping.

- [Officer] Are you living here illegally?

- [Alex] No, I have a green card.

(police officer speech drowned out by music)

- No! - Ximera, no, no, no, no,

that's my daughter, that's my daughter.

- [Officer] We have a code 252

and you're gonna have to call CPS.

- No!



- [Officer] Watch your head.

(mellow music)

(singing in foreign language)

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Film School Shorts is made possible by

a grant from Maurice Kanbar.

Celebrating the vitality and power of the moving image.


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