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Given few options for her future, lesbian teenager Joey decides to join the military. Will a romance with a married housewife give her a way out? Directed by Deb Shoval.

AIRED: June 05, 2018 | 0:14:32

(reel snapping)

- [Woman] Joey, so your Mom's been telling me that

you're workin' on those big trucks down there in Virginia.

- South Carolina.

- It's North Carolina.

- Is that what you're gonna do in Iraq?

- Afghanistan.

- Sounds like it.

(soft piano music)

- [Man] Is there whiskey in this stuff?

(soft piano music)


- The girls are sleeping,

so you have to be quiet.


- [Joey] I wanna run away with you.

- Oh yeah?

Where are we goin'?

- [Joey] Canada.

- Canada.



We could be pot farmers.

In British Columbia.

Or we could learn French in Montreal.

- [Joey] We're already good at french kissing.

- Damn straight.

(cheering and clapping over television)

- Potatoes too?

- Yes.

- What?

- You know, I'm really gettin' worried about you

(crying) night and day.

- You should of thought about that

before you took me to the recruiting center.

- [Mother] Where you goin' hun?

- I'm taking presents to Rayna's kids.

- Could be army.

- [Rayna] The army isn't gonna pay for you to go to college.

(speaking in the distance)

$7.25 an hour.

The life that I have.

How much money have you got, Joey?

- $636.


- Okay, so...

Me, Nev, and Hanny,

and your $336.

- [Joey] $636.

- Okay, $636 are gonna run away with you to Canada?


- [Joey] I could marry you in Canada, Rayna.

- Joey, I already am married.


I got to fill their stalkings.

(soft piano music)

- [Joey] I'm going to Canada, Rayna.

I really, more than anything,

want you and the girls to come.

But I'm going either way.

(soft piano music)

- Okay, I'll come.

- Really?

- Yeah.

- Really?

- Yeah, I'll go to Canada! - Yeah!

Yes! Yes!

Seems a little early for snow

(slow acoustic music)

It falls like forever

We're stuck here to watch all alone

Yeah we're stuck here to watch all alone

(harmonica playing)

- Ah! Joey, you're the only girl in the family

who can carry a tune.

- [Woman] Dessert.

- [Man] Awe!

- [Woman] The ice cream's a meltin'!

- Hey, Money Bags?

- Money Bags, just because I bragged about gettin' a raise?

- I was wondering if I could borrow some cash.

- How much?

- $200? - What?

What the hell do you need that much money for?

You're in a dope deal or somethin'?

- Come on.

- Ain't gonna do anything stupid are you?

- No.

- Alright, I'll give you $100,

but do not tell the boss.

Let me ask you somethin'.

I've been wonderin'.

What's so bad about guys?



How do you know you don't like it if you never tried it?

Hey man, just telling Joey here

she's too pretty to be a lesbian.

Now, come on, don't get mad at me now.

(talking in the distance)

- [Rayna] You cold?


Come on, get in, and I'll push you.

- [Man] Over there where I work in the fields.

- [Girl] Daddy!

- [Man] Come over here with us.

You wanna dance?

You wanna walk?

- Hello, Nevayah!

What are you doing?

Whoa! (laughing)

Hey, I brought you a present.

- Can I open it now? - Yes, you can open it now.

I'll be right back, okay?

Hi. - Hi.

Will, you remember Joey, huh, the neighbor kid?

Joey is goin' to Afghanistan tomorrow.

- Oh, that's too bad.

- Yeah, but we made her a care package.

Hey Nevayah, you wanna go get Joey's care package?

- [Nevayah] No. (laughing)

- [Rayna] We made you a care package.

- That's okay.

- [Nevayah] She said, "No."


(slow instrumental music)

- [Mother] Oh, I don't think I have anymore tears left.

- [Woman] Hurry.

Hurry, hurry, hurry, we're runnin' out of data!

Good, yes, go!

(slow instrumental music)

(soft piano music)


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