East Lake Meadows


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Learn the history of East Lake Meadows, a former public housing community in Atlanta. Stories from residents reveal hardship and resilience, and raise critical questions about race, poverty, and who is deserving of public assistance.

AIRED: March 24, 2020 | 0:01:03

- [Woman] When we moved to East Lake Meadows,

that was just like heaven to us.

(police siren wailing)

Until it became a nightmare.

- This previously all-white part of Atlanta,

known as East Lake,

became available for African Americans to move in.

- I hate to leave,

but I don't wanna be the only white family living here.

- I figured they were gonna be fine

because they were brand new.

After a couple of years, they were not okay.

- [Announcer] Residents remember

when it was a safe place to live,

but now, they fear for their lives.

- People that are living here on borrowed time.

- Public housing has always been

both a financial proposition and a moral one,

about which people both need it and somehow deserve it.

- We were all fanning, they need to do something

about this place.


They did something, all right.

- I don't think we ever gave enough credit

to people who worked very hard

to build a place for themselves.

There was no one else who was going to be there.

- Even in poverty, there's always that beacon of light.

(dramatic music)


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