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S11 E3 | CLIP

Morgan Chandler Bouldes

Morgan Chandler Bouldes shares a spoken word dedicated to her late mother, Nelson puts on a performance art piece entitled, “Molting.”

Episode 1103/Segment 1

AIRED: October 20, 2021 | 0:05:41

- I so wanted to be sad standing here.

I wanted to be afraid.

I wanted to be nervous,

but this is real love.

This is love.

When I look down at my feet, and I see the many, the plenty,

the godsend who have protected, and surrounded me.

Have you ever felt God's love before?

Have you ever had it hold you at your darkest hour?

Have you ever had it whisper in your ear

that it's gonna be okay?

Have you ever asked for a sign?

Have you ever talked to something

that you didn't even know who you were talking to?

Have you ever been afraid to cry out,

be afraid to be heard,

be afraid to be rescued?

Don't be.

God's love is real.

God's love is strong,

and it's in everyone that surrounds you.

Your sacred circle, your people, your village.

These are those who have been sent to protect you,

as above, so below, they stand rooted with you,

and they are your constellation.

Look up into the heavens,

and see something bigger than yourself.

See a window to worlds unknown,

and know that you are not alone.

Know that you should not be afraid.

Know that it's gonna be okay.

Everybody that lays with me,

I'll never have to say goodbye again.

They will be with me forever.

And that's something that I went through

when I lost my mom.

I was afraid of going through it,

going without her, and it not being forever.

The brain, you forget,

memory fades like the vessel.

This vessel is, it's fading,

but there's a spirit, and there's a soul inside,

that lives, and it's thriving, and it's breathing with you.

It's keeping this alive, but the brain fades.

And then the regret kicks in.

I didn't take enough pictures with her.

I didn't record her voice.

I didn't paint her.

I did nothing.

Historically, our rights of recordkeeping have been taken.

Not anymore.

Not anymore.

This is for us.

This is for me.

This is for we.

Who am I?

I am you.

Who are you?

You are me.

Who are we?

We are.

- Wow, I mean,

I'm still just tingling from the moving performance

that Morgan Chandler Bouldes just gave us.

And welcome, Morgan.

- Thank you.

The honor is mine, honestly.

- How was it for you to honor your mother?

- It took time.

You have to go through the process

of understanding what just happened.

Your complete world shifts, and changes,

and you realize that I can do this.

I can do this,

but I have to talk about it.

- I could see the love,

and you had all of those jars.

And I want to know how they came

to be a part of your performance.

- Yeah, I just had to say thank you.

Looking back at everyone who played a part of that journey,

those who had been there to nurse my mother,

who have nursed me,

who in turn, took her place after she's gone.

It wasn't just my godmother.

It was an entire village of people,

and wanting to just put them on the pedestal.

Give them a moment to think about themselves,

and to reflect, and if I had one thing,

or several things to represent myself, what would it be?

And put it in one of the jars.

- What pushed you to,

to put yourself in such a vulnerable space

in front of everyone, and share?

- I wanted to give voice to my mother.

I've always been telling my side of the story.

I've always been talking about me after she passed.

And it always felt like she was cheated,

not being able to actually project her voice,

and she can still speak with me, and still be on my behalf.

So giving that reference back to her, honoring my mother,

honoring my village, and my people.

- And Sabrina Nelson, who we're gonna see her performance

in a few minutes.

What was it like to work with Sabrina,

and be asked to be part of this?

- She has been such a light, such a light.

And I know that her performance is going to move everyone.

I know it is.

She's got powerful, powerful energy,

and powerful spirit behind her,

and so I'm excited to see.

Well, I'm grateful to be in your light, Sabrina's light,

and all of the artists today that she curated.

Thank you so much for being here.

- Thank you.

- Ladies and gentlemen, Morgan Chandler Bouldes.


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