Detroit Performs

S11 E8 | CLIP

Lulu Fall, Kris Johnson, and Sasha Kasperko

Lulu Fall, Kris Johnson, and Sasha Kasperko: "Keep Your Head Up"

Episode 1108/Segment 2

AIRED: November 30, 2021 | 0:06:08

(gentle music)

♪ I used to walk with my head

♪ Facing the ground

♪ Oh I was too scared

♪ To face all the frowns

♪ I slip on my clothes

♪ Tip toe up a tapa -apa -apa

♪ Ooh yeah but no one knows

♪ What I'm in store for

♪ Girl keep your head up

♪ Girl keep your head up

♪ Girl keep your head up

♪ I'll do it for me

♪ Girl keep your head up

♪ Girl keep your head up

♪ Girl keep your head up

♪ I'll do it for me

♪ I reach the edge of the yard

♪ The kids are so free

♪ Oh yeah I feel my heart start to fall ♪

♪ Why do they bully me

♪ I see you turning around

♪ Are they lookin' at me

♪ Oh you won't back down no

♪ Standing like the tallest tree ♪

♪ Head up

♪ All the way

♪ Do it for me yeah

♪ Girl keep your head up

♪ Oh keep your head up

♪ Do it for me

♪ In the deepest oceans

♪ The bottom of the sea

♪ Your eyes

♪ They turn me

♪ Whoa

♪ Why should I stay here

♪ Why should I stay

♪ 'Cause your eyes

♪ They turn me

♪ Oh

♪ Dah doy dah doy dah doy dah dah dah doy ♪

♪ Girl, girl keep

♪ Girl keep, girl keep your

♪ Do it for me

(air whooshing)

- So we're back and we're gonna ask John Sloan, III

about "Keep Your Head Up" by Kris Johnson.

What was that performance about?

- That song to me is just so fun.

And we just saw Kris Johnson,

but also Lulu Fall and Sasha Kasperko

who are amazing musicians.

And I actually think, 'cause she's gonna yell at me,

I think Lulu also had a co-writing credit on that song.

So Kris Johnson and Lulu Fall.

If you don't know, Kris Johnson is a Detroiter,

he was a Kresge fellow, an amazing jazz musician,

and we all just saw and heard Lulu and Sasha as well.

But what's beautiful about that piece to me is that it just

talks about like the everyday struggles

that you might be dealing with

and about how music can lift you out of that,

about how life can get heavy sometimes.

But what we remember and the importance of the festival

was really showing black art in all its forms.

And as we talked about earlier,

the different touch points that theater can have.

And so presenting a piece like that,

presenting music as theater was really important.

- If we were all gonna collect ourselves

and there was one or two things you want the audience

to take from the performance, what would it be?

- There's a reason I think that,

I know my parents did this

and I've seen a lot of other parents do this,

I don't have any kids.

but when your child gets upset,

they simply lift down and pick their head up, right?

Because let's, still have that pride in self.

Let's not allow any of these extra things in the world,

to weigh down on us so much that we forget who we are.

And that I think is something

that we all can learn from and benefit from,

that this music points out very clearly.

And then hopefully, the festival as a project,

in and of itself embodies.

- We're going back to the stage, I can't wait.


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