Craft in America

S12 E1201 | PREVIEW


Featuring sculptor George Rodriguez, the Art to Wear movement with Julie Schafler Dale and textile artist Linda J. Mendelson, multimedia works by Nicholas Galanin, and glass artist Christina Bothwell.

AIRED: December 11, 2020 | 0:01:48

I am a storyteller.

If something really touches me, I have to process it by doing a piece.

My pieces, they're not pristine but I feel like that's my energy in there.

It's part of what makes my work me.

As I make the work, I embed it with the story I want to tell.

The story that I'm creating is between the viewer and the sculpture.

It really is this narrative that they create.

I want to keep playing with different expressions, different cultures.

Like most things it's ongoing.

We come from an oral history.

Our histories were shared orally and passed on and they continually are still.

Colonization kept us in containers and boxes.

An Indian petroglyph.

We are saying in a sovereign reclamation of power and space, our work will look like this

if it needs to, our conversations will go here if they need to, we get to do whatever

we want.

Objects that you could wear, beautiful objects, they encode stories and reflect the world

in which they function.

Those stories are so intensely person, you can feel the human heart beating.

It's the merger of art and life.


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