Craft in America


Artist George Rodriguez on his George series

Artist George Rodriguez on his George series. Bonus video from the STORYTELLERS episode.

AIRED: December 11, 2020 | 0:01:33

When I think about an exhibition as a whole, I want to make sure that all the work

creates a dialogue within itself so the pieces all are talking to each other. I want to make

sure that people are not just walking into a show where each sculpture is its own

but really walking into a space where everything is this kind of community aspect

so I can make a self-portrait and I can represent myself but then what else can I

say about this work and that transformed into this word tocayo which means your namesake so

whenever you meet somebody and they share your name, it's this small connection that makes things

more comfortable so then I transform myself into all these other Georges such as George Jetson,

Curious George, Boy George, and by doing so I was trying to bridge a connection between

myself and these characters and people that i don't personally know

but we share the name so we know each other and together we created this like George

community that other people could enter. My individual sculptures are objects but

my exhibitions are an installation that interacts with itself and also interacts with the viewers.


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