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Rosanne Cash on "Tennessee Flat Top Box"

Rosanne Cash discusses "Tennessee Flat Top Box."

AIRED: September 15, 2019 | 0:02:02

- We got to makin' King's Record Shop, and Rodney said,

"You know, you should do one of your dad's songs.

"That would be important at this point in your career."

I said, "I don't know about that."

He goes, "No, let me think about the right song."

So, he said, "You should do 'Tennessee Flat Top Box.'"

I said, "Do you think a woman

"should sing that song, really?"

He goes, "Yeah, you know."

We started talkin' about it and I realized

that I could be like Rod Sterling in Twilight Zone,

that I could come to the front of the screen

and just present this scene, and "Tennessee Flat Top Box"

is like a narrator.

I really liked that idea.

I thought that was cool.

Of course, I loved the song since childhood,

and I thought the song was public domain

because I had always known it.

Never bothered to look and see that Dad wrote it,

and there's no Google at that time.

We were recording it and hadn't checked

the publishing or anything.

Rodney said, "You know your dad wrote this song."

I said, "I don't think so, I think it's public domain."

He goes, "No, I think your dad wrote it."

So, we recorded it.

Then by the end, of course, I said,

"Oh, you're right, Dad wrote it."

Dad loved that story, that we didn't know

that he had actually written the song,

course I knew he'd done it,

until we were in the recording process.

So he took this full page, it became a number one record.

He took a full page Billboard ad,

"So proud that it's a number one record,

"you recorded it, and so proud that you didn't know

"that I wrote it." (laughs)

And then there was a party at BMI when it became number one,

for both of us, 'cause he wrote it and I recorded it,

and we were both BMI writers.

He brought two peacocks to the party.

You know, "I'm as proud as a peacock." (laughs)


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