Country Music


Randy Owen on “Mountain Music”

Randy Owen discusses “Mountain Music.”

AIRED: September 15, 2019 | 0:00:57

- I wanted to bring this song to me,

to Randy Owen, country boy, a farm boy,

whatever you want to call me, poor kid.

And we had a thing around there on Little River

at the Blue Hole,

and if you could swim across that river,

it was like a passage of manhood or whatever,

well that's what I said in the song,

swim across the river just to prove that I'm a man,

spend the day being lazy just being nature's friend.

You would just kind of lay around there in the sun

for a while then you swim for a while

there along the Blue Hole.

And a lot of people were baptized there,

my Daddy was baptized there.

Then the same thing.

Jeff pulls the fiddle out, the crowd goes wild.



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