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Tony Brown and Merle Haggard on “Sing Me Back Home”

Tony Brown and Merle Haggard discuss “Sing Me Back Home.”

AIRED: September 15, 2019 | 0:02:11

- If I were to say,

what is the epitome of a great country song,

I think Merle Haggard might have written

several of those songs.

He's the epitome of what I think

a great country songwriter is.

Boy, if I had to say one song

represents country music to me,

that would be a hard one to pull out

but it might be

Merle Haggard's "Sing Me Back Home Before I Die",

"Sing Me Back Home Before I Die".

When I hear Merle Haggard sing that song,

it's just got that great simple country verse

and that great chorus, and that one line,

"sing me back home before I die."

It's like one more embrace.

Before I go, just sing me back home.

- That was written from what I knew

about a couple of condemned prisoners.

That one of them had been Rabbit,

who was the guy that I could have escaped with.

When he came back, they put him on death row

and every now and then he would walk through the yard

and we would see him, and he'd just nod and we'd nod

but I imagined that it was a little more intimate than that.

That he'd walk by my cell and he loved to hear us play.

He loved our music and I know that he couldn't say it,

but he would have said those very words,

had he thought of them.

♪ Sing me back home ♪

♪ With a song I used to hear ♪

♪ Make my old memories come alive ♪

♪ Turn back the years ♪

I can't do it without a guitar.