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Merle Haggard on “Big City”

Merle Haggard discusses “Big City.”

AIRED: September 15, 2019 | 0:01:27

- They came from honest events.

"Big City", we'd been in Los Angeles recording

and we had 23 sides recorded

on a new album called "Going Where The Lonely Go"

and we were working on the second album,

which we hadn't named yet,

and I went out to the bus to tell my good friend,

Dean Holloway, that we were about through,

about ready to go.

When I walked in the bus,

he slammed his fist down on the steering wheel

and he said, "I hate this son of a bitch".

I said what are you talking about, Holloway?

And he said, "this goddamn town."

He said, "we've been here six days,

"and I hate this son of a bitch."

I said well, hell, let's get a piece of paper

and take the anger out on the paper.

Him and I wrote "Big City" in about 10 minutes

and I went back in,

and everybody was putting their instruments away

and I said take them back out of the case.

We got one more song to do.

And he retired, he had half of that song,

and he retired on that.

Last time I talked to him I said, Holloway,

what's that song made for you?

And he said, "about half a million."


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