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Guy Clark and Emmylou Harris on "If I Needed You"

Guy Clark and Emmylou Harris discuss "If I Needed You."

AIRED: September 15, 2019 | 0:01:47

- He got up one morning

and came in the kitchen

he was always staying

with me and Suzanna, living with us

and he got up one morning and came in,

piece of paper and a guitar

and he sat down and had some coffee

and just put the paper on his leg.

Played this song and he said,

"Man, I wrote it my sleep you know

I just would doze off

and I'd roll over

and kinda get up on one elbow

and write some more of it",

and he says, "this is it."

Just sang it all the way through

and it was, "If I Needed You."

- "If I Needed You", is a,

there's a certain elegance.

There's a certain old-fashioned elegance

to the lyrics but the simplicity

of that pledge to someone,

it's something deep in us

that I would do this for you.

It's a leap of faith.

It's another one of those sort of timeless songs

that you never get tired of

because the message is so beautiful.

- And in the song,

he wrote in the song,

"Loop and Lil agree, she's a sight to see.

A treasure for the poor to find."

Well Loop and Lil were his parakeets

(soft chuckle)

that he bought in New York City

and brought back to Nashville on a plane.

He had 'em on the inside pockets

of his jacket, his sports jacket

and I went to pick him up at the airport

and he was walking down the concourse there

and the closer I got

to him his sport coat was going

(coat shuffling)

like this, you know.

I said, "Townes, what's wrong with your coat?"

He said, "Oh man, that's my carryin' case

for Loop and Lil, I got these parakeets."