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Get a sneak peek at Ken Burns's new sweeping series on the history of country music – from its roots in ballads, hymns and the blues to its mainstream popularity – and meet the unforgettable characters and storytellers who made it “America’s Music.” Premieres Fall 2019. #CountryMusicPBS

AIRED: September 15, 2019 | 0:02:00

♪ I'm so lonesome I could die

BROOKS: Country music comes from right in here.

This heart and soul that we all have.

PARTON: You can dance to it, you can make love to it,

you can play it at a funeral.

It has something in it for everybody.

BURNS: Country music is about human emotions.

We're always looking for those topics that

are going to tell us a lot about who we are.

Not just to the era that we cover,

but who we are now.

GIDDENS: If you wanted to look for like,

super strong women telling really amazing stories,

you went to country.


LYNN: I mean the songs were just life.

It's I've seen it, or I've lived it.

And I never would tell my husband which one was.

PRIDE: I believe that you can go look and find a country song,

that will help you feel better.

Sometimes it might make you cry

but you'll feel better.

DUNCAN: This is the story of a uniquely American art form,

that sometimes gets defined as three chords and the truth.

And the people who made it, created it,

and how it became a business.

CASH: Hello I'm Johnny Cash.


CASH: My dad, he worked out all of his problems on stage.

That's where he took his anguish and fears and griefs,

and he worked them out with an audience.

That's just who he was.

EWERS: I hope that when people hear of the series

that they'll tune in.

It made me a convert out of me, it's a wonderful story.


NELSON: I always thought it was a really good song

and I played it for Patsy Cline

and she thought it was a great song.

BURNS: It's phenomenally great music about people

who felt their stories weren't being told.

I think that's utterly American.



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