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Country Music star Jo Dee Messina sat down for an interview with NPT about country music history & Nashville. We asked Jo Dee: What is your favorite place to hear music in Nashville? What’s your favorite lyric? What is your dream collaboration? What was your first instrument? Country Music is Nashville’s story and NPT is dedicated to sharing the many stories that form this unique American art form

AIRED: September 10, 2019 | 0:01:30

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My favorite place to hear music in Nashville,

oh, that's a hard one.

I just went to the Tomlin concert at the Arena.

Oh, there are so many places.

But I think I would prefer the smaller venues, going there.

Not the bars, those are louder than the arena sometimes, so.

No, last night, I was sitting and we were listening to,

"Oh, You're Gone" by Diamond Rio.

We were listening to some Shenandoah songs.

We were listening to things like,

the things we used to listen to when we were kids,

me and some friends, and then we were just like,

"Oh, those lyrics," or, what's Shenandoah's

♪ I'm just a ghost in this house ♪

Oh, anyways, there are so many good lyrics.

You stumped me, she stumped me.

If I could collaborate with any country music artist,

I'd love to write with Dolly Parton,

'cause she has no limits.

She has no limits, like she's not always

country country, and she's not always pop,

and she's, you know, topically, musically,

she's, can go anywhere.

My first instrument was the piano.

I actually have a picture of me

at about 18 months, two years old,

sitting behind the piano and

we just had one in the house,

and I'd love to sit down and make noise

and still do, sit down and make noise behind it.

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