Climate Artists

S1 E4 | CLIP

Trust Your Path

Sean "Hula" Yoro explains his process of using multiple perspectives to create one piece of art.

AIRED: September 26, 2019 | 0:01:08

Today I'm out in the forest again.

This is actually the same forest that I did another piece in, and the other piece finally

faded so I had a new idea to kind of spin off the same perspective.

I used biodegradable chalk for this piece so it doesn't harm the environment.

I would say 80 percent of my murals that are.

Especially anything done out in nature has to be, you know, eco-friendly, biodegradable.

The whole area was devastated with wildfires and so that's what really drew me in the first


It must have been like five or six hours of just searching in this area, and this spot

had just opened up on the trail and just this perfect

line of trees that couldn't have fit any better and so I thought of this perspective piece

where you can only see the full image once you're in one exact spot.


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