Climate Artists

S1 E5 | CLIP


See a unique habitat made from biomaterials that acts as a way station for monarch butterflies on as they migrate south for winter.

AIRED: October 03, 2019 | 0:00:47

At Terreform we believe that in order to rethink things we have to remake things.

So this is a prototype that is designed to rebuild monarch butterfly populations.

Monarchs are unique to New York because they go on this amazing 3,000 mile migration.

So in terms of the effects of climate change on butterflies it's a very drastic.

Where butterflies go to over winter is a climatic strip in Mexico and because of temperature

changes the strip is diminishing and this building is designed

to be a way station for them to stop by, to lay their young, and then to progress on their

way down to Mexico.

And we did all this through principles of ecological design such as biomaterials, materials

that could be reused, remade, as well as a modularity so the system can be replicated

at multiple scales.


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