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Elegy for the Arctic

Composer Ludovico Einaudi plays his original piano piece "Elegy for the Arctic" from a man-made arctic stage, surrounded by crumbling glaciers.

AIRED: September 19, 2019 | 0:05:05

We say that what happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic.

So if you destroy the air conditioner of the Earth, it's going to have impacts in all the


You can see that the temperature is really rising, they ice is melting, and the impact

of climate change there are very visible.

In Greenpeace, we had the Arctic campaign as a priority, and we decided we had to do

something like make pressure to the countries that were stopping the Arctic to be protected.

So we had this meeting and we thought that music is a universal language.

It was also about creating an image that talks by itself and stays in your mind.

We thought that it will be amazing to see the black piano in this landscape, and we

start looking for a pianist and for our piano.



I was invited here in the Svalbard islands to perform on a piece of ice with my piano,

a piece that I composed that is called Elegy for the Arctic.

If you have a piano and you move it from one street to the other, you should have someone

that tune it, but we didn't have anyone to do this.

So we didn't know how this piano was going to sound like, but at the moment he started

testing it, it was really magic moment.

In the silence of the Arctic you could start hearing music.

He got so much into the moment that it was not a normal test.

He gave us like a concert

I've seen people that have been sailing for 20 years and they've told me, "This is the

most incredible moment I've lived in a ship."

Because it was something very magical, we wanted to share this with the people.

You can feel the pureness and the fragility of this area.

There is a danger now because as the ice is melting, the industries exploit the territory,

and we should stop this process.

That was the best concert anyone that was there could ever


Apart from the cold, there was this huge block of ice that went down and the wave it caused

was really big.

So we had to put the piano and Ludovico safe in the RHIB, and then when it passed we were

all surrounded by ice.

So what we had to do is to get it close to the ship and Ludovico had to climb a little

bit, because there was no way we could move anymore.

The Arctic is not a desert.

It's an area full of life, very important for the ecosystem.

What happens here in the Arctic is related to the rest of the world.

We should save this area.


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