Climate Artists

S1 E5 | CLIP

After Ancient Sunlight

Artist and researcher Charlotte McCurdy showcases an algae plastic carbon-negative raincoat she made for Nature --Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.

AIRED: October 03, 2019 | 0:00:59

After Ancient Sunlight is a project of mine that is an algae plastic carbon-negative raincoat.

It's made of a plastic I developed it's made entirely from marine algae.

And what I hope it does is make climate change much more tangible by bringing carbon out

of a invisible flavorless gas and into a solid material in order to highlight how much of

the material-built environment is actually complicit in climate change, how our materials

cement, steel, and plastic all intrinsically emit carbon, and how there's actually a new

wave of technology coming that makes it possible to imagine new materials that don't release

carbon they actually sequester it into their materials.

I do think that the raincoat is useful at conveying what I'm trying to convey because

it points to --it speaks to the fact that climate change is extreme weather it's not

polar bears and icebergs; it's already here, and that the materials we need to come back

climate change are already here.


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