Call the Midwife

S9 E8 | CLIP

Gran's Early Parole

Nurse Dyer gets the news that her octogenarian grandmother will be released early from prison.

AIRED: May 15, 2020 | 0:01:29

(gentle music)

- And they can let her out just like that?

She's inside for doing illegal abortions.

- As I understand it, your grandmother was

already under consideration for parole.

I'd like to think that her age came into play with that.

She was almost the oldest prisoner there at 80.

- 80, she told me she was 75. (sighs)

- But it's more likely to be

that the prison infirmary has no room for her

and the jail itself can't release a wardress

to sit with her in St. Cuthbert's for several weeks.

- Is that how long she's got, just weeks?

- (sighs) I haven't seen her yet

but I will when she comes home.

- But, Dr. Turner, she can't come home.

There'll be an inch of dust in her old flat.

The landlord couldn't relet it

'cause the whole of Shafworth Buildings has been condemned.

- We will help you to clean it.

If she is to be discharged into your care,

home might be the most comfortable place for her.

- What do you mean discharged into my care?

- Your grandmother has named you as her next of kin

on all the Home Office documents.

(melancholy music)

(Dr. Turner sighs)


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