Call the Midwife

S8 E8 | CLIP

Going to the Dance

Sister Hilda sees a way to give hope to young woman with Leukemia.

AIRED: May 19, 2019 | 0:01:45

- Knock knock, special delivery.

- Oh, is that my gas and air?

- Oh this is oxygen, Mrs. Schroder.

And it's for Julie.

- Oh.

- It will help her with her breathing

if she starts to feel unwell.

We'll have a practice with the mask later on, poppet.

Oops, sequent on the carpet.

One, two.

- Apologies, Mrs. Schroder.

Sister and I must've brought them in on our shoes.

- Can I see?

(light instrumental music)

Are they to do with that dance?

- Nonnatus House is becoming quite a frock factory.

- I've always wanted to go to a dance.

Twirl around under the mirror ball

like you see in the films.

Before I was ill, I was too young.

And now,

well it's just now.

(light instrumental music)

I can see another sequent.

It's lying over there like a tiny little star.

- Do you know, Julie,

there really are plenty more spangles and ferblers

where that came from.

We'll have you turning every head in the ballroom of Hope.

- I can't dance.

- I'll teach you.

I was a dab hand at the Foxtrot before I took the veil.

- Well do you think the doctor will let me?

- I think you might find it's just what the doctor ordered.


(light instrumental music)


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