Broadway Sandwich


Broadway Sandwich: “The Prom” and “Pretty Woman”

Follow Broadway's biggest stars during their break between matinee and evening performances. See Isabelle McCalla of “The Prom” and host Garen Scribner cook up a meal at Isabelle’s apartment. Listen in as Ellyn Marie Marsh from “Pretty Woman” gives a singing lesson. Go behind the scenes of Broadway’s biggest theatres as actors get ready for the curtain to rise.

AIRED: August 21, 2019 | 0:26:48

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

I come here and chill, take naps.

I sit in this really fun chair. Oh, God. It's not...

[ Clattering ]

And I make a mess of everything.

That's a really important thing about me.

I am extremely clumsy.

Well, it looked good for a minute.


Scribner: The lives of Broadway performers are busy.

They only have a few short hours

between their matinee and evening performances,

and they're giving us an inside look,

from grabbing a bite

to unwinding, plus a backstage tour.

Have you ever wanted to see what we do in the time

sandwiched between performances?

Follow along and find out.

This is "Broadway Sandwich."

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

Today, we're at a musical about a high-school rite of passage.

I was wondering, if you weren't busy with other stuff

and you weren't already going with somebody else,

will you go to the prom with me?

♪ One means universal

-In "The Prom," hilarity ensues when a bunch of Broadway stars

who could really use some good press

find out about a girl in Indiana

who's being forced out of her own prom

just because she wants to bring her girlfriend.

"Prom" was nominated for seven Tony Awards,

including Best Musical.

You can see it in a city near you

when the national tour launches in 2021.

-♪ But till that day comes I say cue the drums ♪

♪ It's time to dance

-The Longacre Theatre was built in 1913 by Harry Frazee,

who is better known as the Boston Red Sox owner

who sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees.


Today, we're meeting up with the incredibly talented

Isabelle McCalla.

Isabelle plays Alyssa Greene,

who has an immense amount of pressure

from her mom to be perfect.

She also has pressure from her girlfriend

to come out of the closet.

Izzy! Hey!


I just saw you in the show.

You are incredible. Oh, thanks so much!

You're one of my favorite new performers on Broadway.

Aw, thank you.

I'm so happy to spend time with you.

Yeah. So we just have a few hours

before we have to be back here to do your second show.

Mm-hmm. What's the plan for today?

Okay, so I'm very hungry. Same.

And I have recently got into cooking,

so why don't we go back to my apartment and cook something?

Sounds good. You're uptown, right?

Yeah, I'm uptown. Let's go to 8th.

Yeah. Okay. Perfect.

Yeah. Let's go.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

You're starring on Broadway in your second show.


It must be hard to maintain a sense of balance

when all this stuff is going on.

Is it? A little bit,

but I kind of just take it day by day

because if I think about everything in the abstract,

it's just too overwhelming. Right.

So I just... I can imagine.

...focus on get up, shower, go to the show,

do this press event, read your book, you know?

Do life. Do life.

Right. So... And then explain how

it worked when you came to do "Aladdin,"

which is the first thing you starred in on Broadway.

My debut, I don't remember what happened.

I was just kind of, like...

It did happen, though, and I heard you were great.

It did. I'm glad people thought that.

It's really cool that we can go back

to your place between shows, and that must be nice,

to kind of, like, separate work from home...


...have, like, a line in the sand.

Yeah, I find that's very therapeutic for me

to just be able to compartmentalize

and turn my job off because it helps keep me

sane as an individual.

Cool. I can't wait to see your house.


Okay. Welcome home. Aw, it's so cute.

[ Sniffs ] Oh, smells good.

Thank you. My roommate is very good

about making everything smell nice.

Use essential oils, sage,

get all the spirits cleansed, everything?

Oh, my God. That is so important.

That's real? Let me tell you.

Yeah. I'm going to take my shoes off.

-Love the French door. -I know.

Welcome to my bedroom.

Dream bedroom, absolutely. Pretty cool.

It's so nice. I love it.

Yeah. It has a great energy.

It does. Ooh, you went to

the ballet? I did!

That's my friend, James Whiteside.

Hey, James Whiteside. Hey!

You're amazing, James Whiteside.

That's my boo. I love -- So you go to ballet?

I do when I can because I used to --

That was, like, where I started.

Right. I got classical ballet training

and then moved into musical theater but...

Do you miss it? Sometimes, yeah.

Yeah? Let's cook.

All right. Let's go to the kitchen.

Should we go to the kitchen? Yeah, sounds good.

-Let's do this! -I'll follow you.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

Cute. Mm-hmm.

Very cute.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

We got to eat.

Okay, so what are we making today?

Okay. We're going to make some scallops

with some late-summer vegetables

or late-spring vegetables... Sounds good.

...and green tahini sauce.

Ooh, delicious.

Yeah. I have no -- I've never made it before,

so it's going to be exciting.

Let's do it. All right.

The first thing always in the kitchen --

wash your hands, everybody.

When I see people cooking without washing their hands,

it makes me crazy.

-I know. -I mean, honestly, the subway.

I mean, this city is kind of grimy, but it's, like...

part of its charm, you know?

Okay, so and this is one of those pre-sorted food things

because you don't have time to do your own recipes, right?

No, I can prepare it earlier.

Also, we have to talk about you fan-girling as a child

and how you got into theater in the first place.

So the first Broadway show I saw was "Cats."

Uh-huh. And it...

Feel like that's a lot of first people's Broadway show.

Yeah, it's really good because it's, you know...

Well, it's about cats. It's about cats.

There's not really much of a plot to follow...

No, exactly. ...just really awesome

dancing, and I would pretend to be a different cat every day.

I was already training to be a swing.

Yeah, you were ready. I was ready.

I was like, "Put me in, Coach."


It'll be good.

Oh. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.




-Yeah. -Yeah.

McCalla: That actually looks good.

Scribner: You saw these shows and thought like,

"I'm going to do that one day,"

and now you're doing that for kids

and anybody who comes to see your show.

It's insane.

So what does that feel like?

I don't take it for granted, and the best part

of my job is, like, are the interactions

I have at the stage door with those kids...

Yeah. ...who feel like they see

themselves represented onstage for the first time.

What are some specific examples of people

who've come up to you and told you their stories?

One girl came out at the stage door to her family

when I was there, which was...

How did that go down? ...crazy.

What happened? So it was kind of like

she was thanking me, and she was like,

"Thank you for the show. I mean, it's -- Alyssa is...

You're telling my story because I'm not out to my mom,"

and her mom was right there, and she was like,

"So I guess this is me..." Like, she turned around.

She was like, "This is me saying I'm gay,"

and, like, it was, like, this...

We were all kind of quiet for a moment, and then they --

Her mom, like, automatically burst into tears

and just grabbed her and hugged her,

and everybody was just crying and hugging each other

and it was, like, this really intense, powerful moment.

I'm just, like, squishing these scallops

and, like, crying on the inside.

I think they're done.

This has been really beautiful.

I know, but it's a special moment.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

[ Sniffs ]

Oh! We did it.

I think this is pretty good.

They look delicious. I'm really excited.

Well, I think it turned out really well.

I know. It's pretty cool.


So you come here. You chill, take naps.

You seem like such a confident person in life,

but then on your social-media accounts,

I feel like you post stuff that's really

glamorous and cool, and you post stuff that's silly

and maybe where you don't feel like you look great

or that you made a mistake, and that's a great mix,

and it seems very authentic.

If I have a following, if I'm starting to,

you know, become a role model for some kids,

I want to make sure that it's a truthful one

and one that says that you can have it all.

Women are complex people.

You don't have to be glamorous and perfect all the time.

So in "The Prom"... Mm-hmm.'s groundbreaking for many reasons.

Yeah. But you're playing characters

that haven't been portrayed before in this way,

and you're playing lesbian.

You're playing a woman of color.

Yeah. This is important.

How do you feel about the responsibility?

Is that weight on you substantial?

Yeah. There... Absolutely.

Yeah. I think what I love about

how our show is written is that you have two young lesbians

who are very different from each other.

You know, there is no one specific mold

for how a lesbian is,

or, you know, there are no markers that you can find.

It's like a fingerprint. Every single one is different.

Exactly, everybody is different...

Yeah. ...which is why it was

important to just share that humanity

and that fear of being othered.

When I auditioned, you know, there are times

when I'm typecast as a certain ethnicity

because of the way I look. Yeah.

It's like, why do we have these stereotypes

of certain demographics? Mm-hmm.

The reason I love getting to play Alyssa,

one of the reasons, is that there's nothing in her character

about what race she is.

Right. Right?

So it's not indicative of how I behave.

Well, speaking of your community and your cast,

we have to go because you actually have to go perform now.

I do.

So let's get you back to the theater.

Okay. That was great.

Sounds like a plan. Yeah.

I was really impressed that we made that.

Whoo! Let's get out of here.

All right, Izzy. This is a really fun part of our show.

It's the "60 Second Sandwich," S, S, S.

Are you ready?

Yeah. Okay.

I'm going to put one minute on the clock.

Okay. And you have one minute

to answer as many questions as you can in the time given.

Okay. As long as I beat Ellyn Marsh,

that's all I care about. Okay. Here we go.

Ready? Time now!

Did you go to college for theater?

Yes. Which one?

University of Michigan. Eli loves Broadway.

Besides "The Prom," what's your favorite Broadway show?

"The Drowsy Chaperone."

Broadway Hacks 101 asks, "You're so talented."

Thank you. Thank you.

"How do you keep a healthy diet and stay fit?"

I try to eat clean.

Four -- YouTuber Marina Eisen asks,

"Any advice applying to musical-theater college?"

Be yourself!

Five -- HackStack on Insta asks,

"Do you have jokes with the cast onstage?"

Yes. "Backstage?"

Always. Six -- Quinn Warden asks,

"Do you brush your teeth before you kiss onstage?"

No. Seven -- Do you have time

to buy your own makeup for the show?

Yes. Is it the same every time,

or can you change it? You can change it.

Eight -- Have you ever sneezed onstage?

Yes! Why doesn't that

ever seem to happen?

Because people are not -- They're focused.

I don't know. Nine --

Ever forget lines onstage? Yeah.

10 -- If you stopped performing,

what would your normy job be?

Investigative journalism. Okay.

11 -- What time do you wake up every day?


12 -- What's something most people don't know

about being on Broadway? It's hard!

Favorite place in New York City?

Fort Tryon Park. 10 seconds.

What do you watch on YouTube for inspiration?

Uh, dance videos. 15 -- If you could be

a superpower, what would it be?

Uh, oh, telekinesis!

When you sneeze, how many do you do?

When you what?

When you sneeze, how many do you do?

Oh, two! Oh, amazing!

16, that's it, time up!

Whoo! Two every time?

Two every time. Me too.

Yeah. I love it. All right.

We got to get you back to the theater.

Okay. Let's go.

Got a show to do. Okay.


Here we go.

I love these theaters that have...

-I know. -...a breezeway.

-Is that what you call it? -I guess.

-An alley? -I'm not exactly sure

what you were --

Sit out and chill on the stairs

between shows, too.

Yeah. Hello.

Hi there.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

Perfect. This way.

Hey, guys. How you doing, baby?

Good. Good to see you.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

When people are watching you from these seats,

and they're reacting to the show.

Let's talk about the reaction to the show.

So many positive reviews and great feedback

about what the show is.

-Yeah. -What's that like?

I feel so lucky that I am a part of a show

that is a piece of social activism,

you know, that it stands for something important,

and it's very relevant to today.

You know, in this current political and social climate,

there are scary, you know,

moments when it feels like we're going backwards,

and if this is one way to get people

thinking in a different way or push people forward,

then I'm happy to be a part of that.

So Ryan Murphy is making a movie...

Yeah, he is. ...of "The Prom."

Do you know anything about it?

All I know is that they are going to release it

in September of 2020 on Netflix in time for the election

to change hearts, minds, and votes.

I love that.

I'm so glad you're going to be in it, also.

I'm so happy that we're casting...

I don't know about that. ...Izzy...

right now in "The Prom" movie.

Ryan, it's pretty easy.

It's right here. Please!

Just saying, just saying.


It's good for the glutes, though, you know?

So good. Really lifted.

-Hey, Amanda. -Hey.

Our awesome dresser here Mikey has designed the wall.

We just got these lights in today.

Ugh, now, you know, Mikey I tried to steal

and take on tour in "American in Paris"

as my dresser, but he didn't want to.

No, he's mine. Yeah.

You lucked out. He's the best.

So welcome to dressing room four.

Oh, hi!

-Hi! -Here's Caitlin!

-Hey, I'm Garen. -Nice to meet you.

Everybody, this is Caitlin Kinnunen.

Yes. Tony nominee...

Caitlin Kinnunen. So nice to meet you.

Tony-nominated Caitlin Kinnunen, she is incredible.

You're wonderful in the show.

We love you, love you, love you.

And thank you for letting us come in and see

your dressing room today. Yeah.

Of course. We'll try not

to get in your way while you get ready for your show.

-Do your thing. -But welcome to our

dressing room.

-Look at this. -This is my station.

Guys, this is really a magical little wonderland in here.

Yeah. It is. You got the plants.

You got twinkle lights. She's got plants.

It's cute. It's really cool.

And this is a picture of me and Caitlin

on first preview day.

So you guys have been in this since

the beginning together.

That's great.

Yeah. That's so special.

Yeah, I've got a little Alyssa Funko doll...

Oh, yeah? ...something a fan made,

which is, like, fun.

Cat Post-Its?

Oh, yeah, those are -- Caitlin is obsessed with cats.

This is really important.

Are you also a cat person or a dog person?

No, I'm a dog person. She loves cats.

I'm a dog person.

And then, like, over there, we have a lot of art

the fans have sent us.

-Oh, yeah. -Some letters, too, which is

really nice to just,

you know, remember who we're doing it for.

And what do you say to people who might have,

you know, a negative perception of the show or would

have something to say.

I would say, "You have to watch it."

Okay, so I could stay here all night,

but I think you have to do a second show.

Yeah, I got to put a face on,

put my hair up, become Alyssa Greene.

It's been so awesome spending time with you.

Yeah, thank you so much.

You're wonderful. Thanks.

See you next time. Have a great show.

See you later. Alright, bye.



I had so much fun with Izzy.

I did not want to come out that stage door.

Speaking of coming out,

something that's really not easy for a lot of people.

And how cool is it that there are shows like "The Prom"

that inspire people to be their most authentic selves?

Now that's the kind of prom that I want to go to.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time for another "Broadway Sandwich."

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

Okay. Go.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

Okay, you win.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

Today we're at a musical adaptation

of one ofthe most iconic romantic comedies of all time,

shot in 1990 about the unlikely romance

between an escort and a businessman.

Uh-huh, we're at "Pretty Woman."

♪ Hold your head up high

♪ You're beautiful

♪ You've got style and grace

Scribner: Starting next fall, you'll be able to catch

"Pretty Woman" around the country on the national tour.

We're at the Nederlander Theatre,

built in 1921, and on 41st Street,

it's the southernmost theater in the Theater District.

Today, we're hanging with funny woman

Ellyn Marie Marsh.

In addition to "Pretty Woman," Ellyn has been in "Kinky Boots"

and "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" on Broadway.

Plus, she's had a series of successful

and hilarious cabaret shows and digital series.

I can't wait to hang out with Ellyn.

She's one of the funniest people I have ever met.

Is this where Ellyn is?

Hey, cutie. Hi.

Get out here. Hello.

How are you?

Thank you for coming. How was your matinee?

It was wonderful, life-changing.

So we only have a few hours before your next show.

Yes. What's the plan for today?

Well, I'm usually very busy in between shows,

but apparently I have to sit down for a meal with you.

You've got to sit for a few minutes.

So I've got to sit down today and have a meal.


I also have a voice lesson to teach.

Okay. Do you want to come to that?

Yeah, sounds great.

And, yeah, and then all kinds of other hijinks.

Perfect. Let's go do hijinks.



So in addition to doing all these Broadway shows,

raising your daughter, doing life...

Yep. have, like, 100 side projects.

Yeah. Do trivia night.

You've done "Turning the Tables,"

which is one of my favorite shows.

It's brilliant.

So how do you find time for it all, and, like,

why do you feel motivated to do all those things?

I kind of just feel my brain is kind of always going,

and if I have an idea...

You know, the same thing about trivia.

I was like, "This is a great idea. Let me go do it."

So I've always kind of been a doer, I guess.

A hustler, you like work. Yeah.

So in your cabaret shows... Mm-hmm. poke fun at the industry, which is awesome.

I don't want to use the word exposing them,

but just talking about them I think is pretty funny.

It is. Oh, yeah. You go through a lot.

And I think if you do it from a loving place

because obviously I love this industry,

and I love the community, and that is,

you know, it's my career and my life and my livelihood,

but I also think it's a little silly.

It is silly. So "I'm Sorry...What?"

is different from your other shows.

Yes. And it has a little bit of a deeper...


My third show is sort of a retelling of some crazy things

that happened in my life, so it involved stalking and cops

getting involved and restraining orders.

In the end, it actually involved my daughter

in a really not-great way,

and I think that me sharing my story

made a lot of other women not feel alone

because a lot of people are comfortable...

or not comfortable, but rather we accept

sort of physical abuse or domestic abuse

but kind of the mind and sort of being manipulated

is really embarrassing to admit,

so that's how that show came out of.

Good for you. Yeah.

On that note, can we play a game? Yes, please!

Yeah. Okay, ready. Yep.

[ Hiccups ] Hiccup.

Boo-boo. Doorbell. Yep.

Arms. Yeah, but inside my arms are...

Bones. Right. Oh, skeleton.

Yes. That was bad.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

You're a mom. I am a mom.

You're a Broadway mom.

Yes. Tell us about her.

My daughter is almost 10 years old.

Her name is Lola Grace,

and she's not named after Lola in "Kinky Boots."

Or "Damn Yankees."

Or Da-- [Laughs] Or "Damn Yankees."

Yeah. Lola.

She's named after a song by The Kinks.

Yes. Love that.

So what is it like for Lola growing up in theater?

With gay people, it's just super gay.

Hey, I think that's a good way to grow up.

Yes. No. It's the best. It's the best. Yeah.

And she also is very quick to say,

"Great. When are we going backstage?"

Right. Not everybody gets to do that.

Right, so after the curtain comes down, she's like,

"Who are we meeting?"


-Hello. -Hi.

Hi, there. This is Garen.

Hi. Nice to meet you, Presley.

Nice to meet you. Hi, Presley.

We were just having a romantic root-beer float.

It was pretty cute.

It was like being at The Max on "Saved by the Bell."

Do you even know that show, "Saved by the Bell"?

She wasn't even born nearly anywhere.

Never heard of it.

Okay, so let's go start because Presley is also between shows.

She is in... "Beetlejuice."

"Beetlejuice: The Musical."

Hey, congratulations. That's amazing.

Thank you. Is that your first Broadway show?

I'm just going to keep circling. It's my second.

It's your second? What was your first Broadway show?

I was in "Fun Home." All right.

Mm-hmm. That's so cool.

Did you love that? Yeah. It was really fun.

So are you going to participate?

If you want me... Do you want me to participate?

Yes, participate.

[ Lip trill warm up ]

[ Coughs ] Whoo!

Oh, sliding down, touching of the sound,

keeping everything nice and relaxed.

Arms down.

Feet are flat, flat on the floor.

Yes, ma'am. Yes.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Ah, ah, ooh So it's, "Ooh, ah, ooh."

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh, ah, ooh ♪

No, I'm terrible. That was good. Is that because I'm singing?

I don't know. We're not...

We have different ranges.

♪ Ooh, ah ooh ♪ Ooh, ah, ooh

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ah, ooh


So... Tell me what placement is.

So placement is where you place something in your voice.

So if I were to go, ♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

I could also place it forward and go --

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Or I could place it... Oh, that really hit me.

Of I can place it in my head and go --

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Show what a nice forward placement sounds like,

up to the C, okay? Mm-hmm.

Ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ah, ah, ah

Ah, ahhhh, ah

Really good. Oh, we could do a duet.

All: Ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ahhh, ah

[ Laughter ]

Okay, so we have to go.

You have a show to go to, you have a show to go to,

and I'm going to go backstage with you.

Yes. So thank you very much.

Thank you. It was great to meet you.

It was great to meet you, too. I can't wait to see you onstage.

Congrats on everything. Congrats, and thank you.

Thank you. All right. Let's go.

See you soon, Presley. Bye. Bye.

Okay, Ellyn: high stakes, here, "60 Second Sandwich."

Right, I love games. "SSS."

"SSS." Okay, you have 60 seconds on the clock...

Okay. ...1 minute. Okay.

You're going to answer as many questions

as you can in the time given.

Okay. Are you ready? Ready.

Ellyn Marsh. Yep. Go!

Okay. Instagram user Robbie Vilchez asks,

"Worst job you've ever done?"

Singing waiter.

Number two: Facebook's Theresa Kent,

"With so much going on in your life,

how do you remember all your lines and lyrics?"

I don't.

Okay, "Broadway performance that's really inspired you."

Oh, "Rent," original "Rent."

Four: Facebook's Dennis Schroeder asks,

"What's the worst advice you ever received?"

Other than, "Sing from your butt,"

worst advice ever received is...

Oh, "Dye your hair blonde."

Oh, no. Could you imagine?

Five: Cake or pie? Cake!

Six: Hackstack wants to know if people really call

two-show days a twodoshay?

No. Please stop.

How do you spell twodoshay?

I don't know. That's horrible.

Doesn't matter, okay.

Seven: favorite "Kinky Boots" memory?

Twenty seconds! Tony night, Tony night!

Eight: favorite part of being on Broadway?

Everything. Nine: dream role?

Eva Peron.

Ten: Do you write your own bio in the playbill?

Always. Preshow rituals?

Nope. Twelve: favorite TV show?

Oh, god.

"Friends"! Thirteen...

I don't know. ...go-to karaoke song?

"I Will Survive." Oh, time is up.

That's not it! Perfect!

I love it. All right. So we got to go.

We got to go. Bye. Bye.


You were in "Kinky Boots." Yep.

Why leave such a great job for a new thing?

So I had been in "Kinky Boots" from the beginning,

from the workshop phases,

and I had been doing the workshops of "Pretty Woman,"

doing double duty, you know, for a couple of years.

Not easy.

And I think I had gotten everything

I wanted to out of "Kinky Boots."

It was 6 amazing years.

My daughter grew up backstage.

And you understudied in "Kinky Boots."

Yep. And you understudy in this show.

Yeah. Are you...

Do you feel like you're kind of always understudying

in whatever shows you end up doing or what?

I mean, a little bit. I'm sort of a go-to understudy.

I think I haven't really found that perfect part

that's exactly right for me.

I think can kind of slide into different characters.

Like "The Ellyn Marsh Musical." Right.

You'd be perfect for that, probably.

I'll probably understudy. [ Laughs ]

But you're also known for creating very rich

backstories to your characters. Mm-hmm,

"Unnecessarily elaborate," I like to call it.

Detailed, deep. Yeah.

One year on stage teching a show,

you could be onstage in one scene

for an entire morning or an entire afternoon.

So you have time.

So you have some time to make up some fun backstories

and give your character a voice

and an accent or a lisp or a limp.

So what's your character like in "Pretty Woman"?

Well, so there's... There's a few.

There's a few. Yeah.

There's Amanda, the shop girl who doesn't let her shop.

In "Kinky Boots," I was Jenna Louise,

the mullet with the tattoos.

Oh, my god. [ British accent ] You know...

You just rocked into that. Yeah.

[ British accent ] "You know, Yorkshire in this way."

Wow, that's really nice. [ Normal voice ] Yeah.

Really nice. Yeah, so...

Ellyn Marsh, really nice.

[ Normal voice ] So you are a full-blown "Rent"head.

A little bit.

"Rent" was in this theater. I know.

It defined a generation of musical theater

and a generation of people growing up into it.

And "Rent" was the first thing that made me think

that musical theater was cool.

Do you want to go see my dressing room?

Yeah. I would love to. Okay. Okay, cool.

Okay. Okay.

So you come here. You chill, take naps.

Do you need a water break? But I do kind of want that shirt.


Ooh, it smells good, like essential oils.

Yeah. It smells like women. Women don't smell.

Boys do, and... It's true.

...there are 87 women in this room at any given time.

Uh-huh, yeah.

This is my whole... I love this wallpaper.

Just...this is my station, just this little 2...

What is that, 2 feet? That's about 2 feet.

Both: Yeah.

Yeah, so that's where I spend more time than any place.

Hey, that's precious real estate

in New York City in Times Square.


Well, it's kind of like our own little apartment

because if you need to nap or do your makeup...

Poop. ...or poop...

Yeah. ...or do anything, you can come here.

Right, do it here. And it's here.

So this is a ditty bag. Yeah.

A lot of people don't know what this is.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is a ditty bag,

and they bring your underwear, socks or,

I guess, bras and stuff you need.

Anything that would touch our skin, yeah.

And then when you're done with it, you put it back in,

and they put it in the washing machine,

and you get it for your next show.

Ditty bag. Fun facts on "Broadway Sandwich."

Fun facts: We don't wear our own underwear.

No, no. No.

So "Pretty Woman" is so iconic, and everybody knows the movie.

Yeah. And so people have this,

like... They know "Pretty Woman."

Yeah. They love "Pretty Woman."

So you must have fans and people sending things and...


So we had a Gary Marshall tribute night,

which was... this is...

Gary Marshall always carried a handkerchief on him,

so they made these adorable handkerchiefs

that said, "Gary Marshall." I see.

That was for opening in his memory

because he was at our first couple of workshops,

and then he passed. Mm-hmm.

But he's obviously still here in spirit.

We have Squigs.

He does these amazing caricatures of the show,

and that's me... That's you.

...with the big teeth.

Love it. And the Hillary...

That's the face that lights the whole audience, by the way.

...the Hillary Clinton hair.

So we have all kinds of little knickknacks like that.

I, of course, keep my daughter with me at my station.

Always. And...

Look at all this stuff. So anyway...

I could stay here all night.

I know you could, but you can't.

Why not? Yeah.

You have to go because we have a Broadway show to do.

Thank you. I think I got my cue.

I know when it's time to leave. Thank you for coming.

You're beautiful. You're pretty.

We love you. Bye, Ellyn.

We'll see you soon. Bye. Okay.

Ugh! That was so fun.

I love Ellyn, and how cool is it that she's been doing

eight shows a week for 10 years

while raising up her kid as a single mom?

Pretty impressive, plus she has time to write trivia night,

cabaret shows, digital series, and she teaches voice lessons?

Geez, I feel like a louse.

I got to go practice my voice and study up for trivia night.

See you next time on another "Broadway Sandwich."








So you come here. You chill, take naps.


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