Broadway Sandwich

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Broadway Sandwich: “The Lion King”

Follow Broadway's biggest stars during their breaks between matinee and evening performances. Learn Simba’s signature lion moves with Bradley Gibson from “The Lion King.”

AIRED: October 02, 2019 | 0:13:45

-It's called [indistinct], okay. -So you're going to --

It's here, here, here.

Exactly. -Ooh!

Yours was prettier than mine.

Yes, yes, yes. We should do a trade.

-Thank you. -We should do a trade.

Thank you. -[ Laughs ]

So I'm going to [indistinct] out of here.



Scribner: The lives of Broadway performers are busy.

They only have a few short hours

between their matinee and evening performances,

and they're giving us an inside look,

from grabbing a bite to unwinding,

plus a backstage tour.

Have you ever wanted to see what we do in the time

sandwiched between performances?

Follow along and find out.

This is "Broadway Sandwich."


Today we're at the Minskoff Theatre,

home of one of the biggest Broadway shows of all time.

They're about to finish up their matinee.

That show, of course, "The Lion King."


To give you an idea of how massive this show is,

there are 25 global productions around the world, 232 puppets,

which took 37,000 hours to make along with the masks,

and six different indigenous African languages

spoken in the show.

Today we get to meet up with Bradley Gibson,

who plays none other than Simba himself.

Bradley joined the cast about a year ago

after starring in "A Bronx Tale,"

plus a stint on the national tour of "Chicago"

and his Broadway debut in "Rocky."

Bradley. Hey.

How was you show?

Good, you know, two-show day, great.

Matinee went well?

Yeah. Good, cool.

So we only have a few short hours

before we have to get you right back to the theater

to do your second show.

So what's the plan now?

Let's get a little P.S. Kitchen. Okay.

Then we'll get a manicure, a little self care. Oh, that sounds good

because I need help with these cuticles. Oh, they'll fix that.

Let's do it, and then maybe a theatre tour after?

Absolutely. Let's go.

Let's go. Perfect.


Gibson: Cheers. It's so nice to get to know you and spend time together.

It's nice to meet you. Talk about the difference between doing new work

and doing something that is an institution.

"Lion King" has been going for almost 22 years now.

You're jumping on a moving train that is moving at full speed,

and it's not going to stop for anybody.

You know? You got to jump on.

Yeah. Thank you.

Oh, this is beautiful.

Look at that. -There you go.

And you saw "The Lion King" as a kid?

Yeah. Everybody knows, I mean,

everybody knows "The Lion King." Yeah.

Does that put a lot of pressure on you?

How has that changed, like, doing that musical?

Yes, just because I love the movie so much. Mm-hmm.

It was the first movie I ever saw in the movie theater.

Really? As a kid, with my mom, yeah.

I remember sitting there and loving it,

and so I, you know, I had a "Lion King" comforter

and a "Lion King" birthday party.

So, yeah, it's terrifying every day, but so exciting.

[ Laughter ]

And how do relate to Simba's journey?

It's really a story about healing.

Right. How do I move past this pain?

How do I face it head on,

talk about it, feel it, breathe into it,

but then let it go and use that to a better good, you know?

Mmm. I think that's really

what I connect with most in the show.

Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, so it's spa day. It's spa time.

I need to get my nails done, right?

Yes. Because it's crusty.

These cuticles are janky.

Yeah. Ready to roll? Let's do it.


Whoo! Let's do it!

It's a cute spring day for our self care day.

Let's go this way. Okay.

So what kinds of things have you learned about yourself

with each show that you've done and about the business?

Yeah, "Bronx Tale" taught me about the community

and about how, you know, you really make friends

that feel like family, that are, you know,

everyone is lifting each other up.

So what have you learned from "The Lion King"?

Oh, "The Lion King" is teaching me

how to survive an eight-show week

and how to have a life.

Outside of the show? Outside of the show.

Yeah, and a big feature of that is, of course,

keeping our nails right, which we're about to do.

Can't wait. Oh, my gosh, yes. Taking care of yourself, yes.

-It's called [indistinct], okay. -So you're going to --


All right, so we also have to make sure our nails are nice

because that ring on your fourth finger...

This ring, yeah. ...needs to be highly featured.

Yeah. Tell me about that.

Yeah, I got engaged in February.

So it's a new... Congratulations.

...a new addition to my hand.

And tell me about him.

He is also a performer. Yeah?

He was just in "Once On This Island" on Broadway.

His name is Adam, and he is the best.

I knew really early on when we met

that this was the person that I wanted to spend my life with.

What other kind of stuff do you get into between shows to relax?

You know, sometimes I like to go home.

I think it's nice to kind of go home

and have that quiet of your own space.

Totally, and then what do you do

after your second show of the day?

I finish a show, you know,

literally climbing Pride Rock


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