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Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Stands Up To Her Own Party

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz won't allow the views of her political party to define who she is. Despite the machismo culture that runs rampant in Puerto Rico's political system, she doesn't let this double standard block her from creating progress.

AIRED: September 14, 2018 | 0:01:09

- I have gone many times against my party.

Saying, you're doing the wrong thing, this is not

what you're supposed to do, this is not what I see

in the streets.

- Some people don't want her to say

that our party has to change.

She insists in telling the truth.

- [Carmen] I don't let the politics of the party

define who I am.

- So you talk about being yourself,

but I imagine it's not always easy

in Puerto Rican politics, given, maybe,

some of the machismo.

For those who don't know what machismo means...

- [Carmen] Well it means that, uh, men are better.

They're more intelligent.

They have control of the social environment.

- [Carlos] And that's, that's not just something

that used to be true 20 years ago, it's true today.

- No, no, it's very strong.

You know, if a man raises their voice in congress,

oh, he's being vocal.

You are being hysterical.

- You have now a liberal woman

in a machista society.

Of course that has consequences.


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