Breaking Big

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Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Changes Her Views

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz never questioned her stance on egalitarian marriage until she met a gay couple with a longer running track record than her own. With an open mind, she began to explore the possibilities of a more progressive party.

AIRED: September 14, 2018 | 0:01:23

- [Carlos] Talk to me about that transition.

- Everything I am, could, is because somebody

took the time to teach.

12 years ago, I wasn't up for egalitarian marriage.

And then I met this gay couple that had

been together more than I had been together

with my three husbands put into one.

And one of them looked and me and said,

Why do you think you're better than me?

Why do you think I shouldn't be able to get married?

And I had no answer.

They changed me.

I was taught was that diversity really was a way

to see our differences as a starting point.

Not as a wall.

- She wanted to learn about the possibilities

of a more progressive agenda within the party.

She was totally comfortable on the streets with the people.

- The student groups, the feminist groups,

the teachers unions, they allowed me to walk behind them.

And it turned me from the representative of one

political party to a public servant of an entire population.


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