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Gretchen Carlson on Sexual Harassment

Television Commentator Gretchen Carlson recalls her first brush with sexual harassment on the job and the coinciding panic that overtook her.

AIRED: August 31, 2018 | 0:01:41

- [Gretchen] I, unfortunately,

was sexually harassed on the job about a month later.

- [Carlos] So, from your very first job?

- [Gretchen] Mm-hmm.

I was in a rural part of the state with my camera man.

He started asking me about how much I had enjoyed it

when he had touched my breast with the microphone,

and it went downhill from there.

- [Carlos] And so, what did you do when that happened?

- Panicked.

I was new in the business,

I didn't really know what I was doing,

I'm with some guy I don't know,

and I actually envisioned rolling out of the car,

wondering how much that would hurt if I did that,

because I was so panicked to try and get away.

- One way of thinking about the workplace

in today's world for women is

as a psychological battleground.

One of the things that often female employees report

is that they start wondering, you know,

whether or not they have done something

to possibly invite this kind of experience.

Am I going to be perceived in a negative light,

or am I limiting my career options if I end up

saying something and not wanting this to happen anymore.

- When I got back to the station, I was just shaking.

When women go through this, it's this horrifying

experience because your entire self-confidence

just drains out of you.

- [Lee] She was quite upset by that.

- You could just quit.

But that's what you would call resilience,

to keep coming back.


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