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Christian Siriano Loves Transformation

As a child, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano became enamored with the transformative nature of fashion after watching his mother create costumes for his sister's ballet recitals.

AIRED: September 07, 2018 | 0:01:08

- I thought it was interesting that you bring up

your mom and sister, 'cause people have told me before

that that had an impact. - Well no, that's what it is.

Yeah, I mean, of course.

I mean, I just loved the world of this kind of

idea of transformation, I think.

I liked to see if my mother and my sister

was getting ready to go somewhere and they changed

their look from what they would wear every day,

I thought that was always really interesting.

So I think that that's what jumped everything off.

I was kind of a little bit eccentric as a kid.

I dabbled in more of a theater type world.

My sister was a ballet dancer.

- She danced at the Annapolis Ballet

and he always got drug along, so he was sitting backstage.

I'd be sewing costumes, watching the girls get dressed,

and he'd just start sketching.

Just sketching the costumes.

- [Christian] I loved that world, seeing

these clothes come to life from nothing.

At the time, I didn't understand

why I cared about it, but I did.


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