Breaking Big

S1 E11 | CLIP

Christian Siriano Builds a Brand

After winning Project Runway, Christian Siriano was faced with the difficult task of staying relevant in the notoriously fickle and demanding fashion industry. Experts explain just how challenging that world is, and how Christian was able to create his own unique brand.

AIRED: September 07, 2018 | 0:01:20

- [Carlos] With Christian's TV victory behind him,

he set out to prove to the industry

that he could do everything he said he could.

He had to prove that he was viable

as a designer and as a business.

- He knew this was a pivotal moment.

He knew that it was an opportunity

and he knew that he was coasting

on this wave of pop culture popularity.

- Here you have the opportunity of this incredible platform,

but you have to make something out of it.

You can win, you can have everybody know your name,

but the task is not done.

Now you have to build the brand.

- There's the thought within the fashion industry

that perhaps with Christian, it was pure dumb luck.

Perhaps you don't have the chops.

Maybe you're not really authentic,

you didn't really come from a background

who knows how to make a dress

and to market and target a customer.

- It takes a long time to be known for your work

as opposed to one piece that you've done,

which is like an actress that did one film

and is always known for that movie.


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