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Jacques Cousteau on Atlantis and Cognac

"We're going to investigate every single one of these hypotheses, and we'll tell you what we think is the truth about it" - Jacques Cousteau in 1978

AIRED: February 21, 2017 | 0:04:45

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- [Interviewer] Will you actively participate

in diving yourself?

- I was there three days ago, yes, I do dive.

- [Interviewer] You are an amazing man, you are now 65?

- [Male] 65, yes.

- [Interviewer] You are as trim and healthy looking

as a human can be--

- That's something I don't understand.

I don't see any difference between the capability

that I enjoy now and the ones I enjoyed for 20 years ago.

I don't see any difference.

So I don't understand these questions.

- [Interviewer] We heard the great news a few weeks ago

that you and your crew and the Calypso

and all sorts of gear were going to try to find

the lost continent of Atlantis.

This is not just mythological,

there really is something to look for?

- [Male] Well once more, our intentions have been slightly

changed in the announcement because, of course,

you are not looking for the lost continent

of Atlantis at all.

Because I don't think there was a lost

continent of Atlantis.

But there certainly was something at the origin

of the legend, and that's what we are investigating.

- [Interviewer] Well what leads you to believe

you will find something there?

- I did not say that I would find something.

I would say that my inquiry would tell the truth about it.

I think this is a major subject for the public to know

the truth about because we're reading

so many contradictory news.

The Atlantis is found in the Atlantic, in the Pacific,

in the North Sea, in the Sahara, I don't know where.

So we're going to investigate every single one of these

hypotheses, and we'll tell you what we think

is the truth about it.

- [Interviewer] Unfortunately Captain, if you didn't know

it, I better tell you but that motion picture Jaws opens

on the continent this week.

There have been many killings of the great white shark

by man because of the movie.

- Yeah, the great white shark is a rare and almost

an endangered species.

So instead of being frightened by the great white sharks,

we should protect them.

What we can do is to protest against these killings as

strong as we can and eventually to go

and say to the fishermen, aren't you ashamed of yourself.

- [Interviewer] The Cousteau society is a not

for profit organization, is it not?

- [Male] Bien sur, of course.

- [Interviewer] Because I read your financial statement,

in fact you're not in the black by any means.

- [Male] The Cousteau society is dedicated

to improving our life and the perspectives of life

of our children and grandchildren by protecting

the water system of this planet by all means.

It intends to achieve these goals by using

all the communication methods possible, television, film.

- [Interviewer] Another one of the ABC specials,

The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau is about

to be seen on television.

- [Male] We are starting our ninth season.

- [Interviewer] That is an amazing record for you.

- [Male] Because we produced four films a year

and this will complete the series to 36.

Three dozen.

- [Interviewer] This is amazing.

- [Male] What we're doing really is the beginning

of a big strong, long difficult fight,

and we need the support of all our members,

their very close support.

- [Interviewer] What is a day on the Calypso

like for the crew.

An average day when, well what are you doing?

- [Male] Well, the day starts in the evening.

- [Interviewer] All right, that's a good place to start.

- The day starts in the evening when,

around the dinner table we all discuss

about the program of the next day.

If the plan is appealing enough, then maybe we would open

a bottle of cognac and carry on

a little longer in the evening.

Then the next morning very early, we are all on deck.

Everybody knows what he has to do and the sailing unrolls

itself like a smooth, well-oiled machine

and the divers go one after, all in all, doing their job.

Then we find ourselves back at the dinner table

in the evening for the next day.

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- [Interviewer] Do you have, it sounds delightful,

do you have divers from the world over

who would like to become part of the crew of the Calypso?

- [Male] Oh yes, we see a great number of applications.

Unfortunately the turnover is very slow.

People stay with us.

We have very rarely an opportunity for a new diver

to be wedged in.

- [Interviewer] I can easily see, I think, why those who

associate themselves with Jacques Cousteau would want

to make it a life's work.

You have made it your life's work.

- [Male] Yes.

- [Interviewer] And to you we offer thanks.

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