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Why Reading Matters

The Author Imprint team went to the 2017 National Book Foundation conference "Why Reading Matters." We asked speakers, staff, and audience members why reading is important to them.

AIRED: June 21, 2017 | 0:00:43

>> Reading matters to me because

it makes my world bigger.

>> Especially as a kid, it was a

way for me to -- to feel

connected and to feel like I had

a -- I had a voice and a place

in the world.

>> It's the way me and my family

come together.

All the conversations we have

are about books.

It's honestly, like, the pillar

of my life.

>> It's just very important for

me to learn and to become more

aware of my world.

>> It just brings me -- brings

me somewhere else, to -- to,

like, a whole different zone,

which is so fun.

I mean, it's like -- it's like

going on vacation.

>> Reading can matter because

it's the first time, maybe, that

somebody will see a version of

themselves that they haven't yet

seen in the world.

>> I believe it's freedom.



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