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Rush Davis on Stepping Over His Fears

Singer-songwriter Rush Davis reflects on how Mustache Mondays, a queer nightlife event that reflected Black and Mexican folk, helped him find himself creatively.

AIRED: November 17, 2021 | 0:02:00

Mustache, I went to a rehearsal

that Kiki "Jason" Xtravaganza

and Louis Xtravaganza

were having at Fatima Robinson

Studio, which was all like,

pfft, for me. One day,

I'm like Fatima Robinson,

Aaliyah, like all that.

My brain was just exploding.

So I'm in this space, and

they're like, "We have a

performance at Mustache," and I

had never heard of this place.

They created this beautiful

performance, and then we met up

at Nacho's apartment.

It was the first time I ever met

Nacho. At the time, he was

living with Danny and Josh,

and so they were all in there

and they were just looking at

music videos, things

I'd never seen before, like

Santigold and Yelle, and like,

just sounds that I was drawn to

immediately but would have

never known existed.

So we were in there, they're

playing all these records.

My mind is being blown just

minute after minute after


It was quite an experience.


[Indistinct rapping]

♪ To keep it real, sometimes you

got to fake it ♪

It's easy to perform in front of

people you don't know.

But those people saw me every

Monday for years. And stepping

into the form I was becoming,

you know, as a musician and as

an artist was a little hard in

front of people that like I look

up to and people that shaped my

taste in a lot of ways.

So I think I learned how to step

over my fear of showing up and

performing and also knowing that

whatever I do in that moment,

it's about the moment and

whatever I can bring to it.

And I think that's one thing

that Nacho taught me is just not

to think so much about the

results, just like to do the


[Crowd cheering]

Thank you, what's up?


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