Julio César Morales & Max La Rivière-Hedrick

Migration is a monumental undertaking, whether person or food item, it entails adjusting to a new environment, new conditions. As part of Current:LA Food, artists Julio César Morales & Max La Rivière-Hedrick are working with poets, chefs and community members to create a menu that reminds people of “home,” wherever that is.

AIRED: October 09, 2019 | 0:02:08

Julio and Max are very interested in

where food comes from

and historically where food comes from

Their whole project is developed

through the idea of home.

You know the duality.

There's, there's home, your homeland

and then home your new home.

Our project is called New Shores.

and it's based on the first chapter of "The Orange Tree"

written by Carlos Fuentes.

That chapter talks about

being of two shores, you know.

Two homelands, two cultures,

two religions, two languages.

I think our take on it is

looking at the origins of the orange

from Asia to Spain and then the Spaniards

brought in here during the conquest.

Los Angeles is known for citrus

and the more research we did

we figured out that in Barnsdall park,

it used to be an olive grove and also citrus grove

And essentially we're looking at

the various communities surrounding Barnsdall park.

Every week, every Sunday,

we're focusing exploring the cuisine

of one of those neighborhoods

with the help of a poet,

a chef or a community member

that is helping us create the menu for that evening.

We are working through immigrant stories.

What kind of food did they leave behind?

What kind of foods did they have in gatherings?

What kind of food do they not find in Los Angeles?

And essentially we are looking at the impact of

being an immigrant in the United States.

We are really interested in the power

and the ability of food to actually create a dialogue.

So I think one of the aspects of

this project is

for people to walk away with a knowledge,

or at least an inquiry

they might be interested in exploring

a bit more, whether that's issues of migration

or issues of sustainability with the food

that we're serving

it is going to be an engaging

series of dinners that we'll create.


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