Artbound Season 11 Preview

Now on its 11th season, "Artbound" is an Emmy® award-winning arts and culture series that examines the lives, works and creative processes of arts and culture innovators making an impact in Southern California and beyond. This season, join "Artbound" as it explores the resilience and diversity of Los Angeles’ many art communities.

AIRED: September 30, 2020 | 0:01:00

Art is magic.


We know that.

That's just the nature of creativity.

-It's about the exploration.

It's about the encounter.

It's about the journey into that work,

so it's a different experience,

but it's all about the experience.

-Five, six, one, two, three.


This music is supposed to teach and empower people

and promote love.

Just like you said man, if you were about the music, that's all he needs.

-The Watts Towers has been a focal point of creativity for a long time.

The creativity is ongoing.

-This kind of magical coorelation to working within the neighborhood

serving your community.

-We love our language and our culture, and it is so precious.

-It is not only something that sustains us.

It's something that connects us.

-A new season of the award winning arts and cultural program



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