Amid Beijing’s dizzying economic, urban, and cultural transformation, five artists respond to the region's relentless evolution with urgency and ambition, all the while contending with many centuries of Chinese cultural traditions.

Featuring artists Guan Xiao, Liu Xiaodong, Song Dong, Xu Bing, and Yin Xiuzhen.

AIRED: September 25, 2020 | 0:55:01

♪uplifting music

♪soft ethereal music

♪delicate strings

♪oscillating synths

♪soft harp

♪soft piano

[crowd chatter]

♪tense music

♪ominous synths

♪delicate music

♪delicate music

♪ambient music

♪emotional strings

♪ambient synths

♪oscillating synths

[crowd chatter]

♪jaunty orchestral music

- [man] [clapping] Everyone!

It gives me great pleasure...

to announce "Eating the City" is open!

Please go.

[cheers and applause]

♪sparse energetic music

♪ethereal music

[indistinct chatter]

♪ambient synths

♪minimal synth music

♪energetic electronic music

- [woman] Cease in their perfect appearances...


[motors revving]

♪ethereal synths

♪ambient synths

♪energetic synths

♪uplifting music

♪sparse classical guitar

♪eerie sparse music

- Hi, Tom.

Can-- can you change?

- Yes.


- Yeah.

Yeah, and this?

That's better.

- This is better?

- Yes, that's good.

Thank you.

- This one?

- Yes.

♪uplifting music

♪classical guitar

- I am Liu Xiaodong, artist.

- Hi, Tammy, nice to meet you.

- Tammy, hi, nice to meet you.

Wow, so beautiful.

Smile to me, yes.

- Eagle Pass, it is the border.

The majority of the people from here, they have family

in Mexico.

I've got family on the other side.

So that painting represents the culture,

the tradition of this area.

On a good day, we get together and we barbecue

and just enjoy life.

Looks beautiful.

- Was it hard to do this?

- Yes, difficult.

Too many...

- Yeah.

- Detail.

- This one, too.


- I love this one.


- Cheers.


- [Liu] Thank you for everything.

- No, thank you.

- [Tom] Keep you working.

- [Liu] Good job, yeah.

We are very touched, because your daughter, your wife,

big hugs with us.

Many people don't like China now, I know.

Chinese, China...

It's a difficult time.

- Well, you know, to me, people are people.

- Yes, people to people.

- We're all the same.

In Spanish, we say: "Mi casa es su casa.'

My house is your house. [laughs]

♪emotional music

♪uplifting music


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