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Making Murals with Apexer

Apexer is a street artist who creates colorful, spray-painted murals around the world. Using a visual foundation based in graffiti art and Chinese calligraphy, Apexer abstracts letterforms to create complex, dynamic compositions for his street art projects. Apexer’s painted gestures are constantly expanding upon the core element of his work: the letters of his nickname.

AIRED: May 03, 2016 | 0:02:53

I started in 3rd grade understanding writing -- just doodling on paper,

and from there -- the scene, public art on the streets --

it was the first thing I saw that really captured me.

My name is Apex or Apexer and I'm a painter and a sculptor.

I recently painted this mural a couple months ago, and this is a location

that I've been painting for a long time in San Francisco in Soma. And I wanted to

collaborate with the old mural that was here, with the new mural. Add in different styles of mine.

Just keep it really playful, collage-based because over time I want to

keep adding on different layers to it, so that the public can

grow with me as the mural grows. And the reason why I like to use these different

colors in these different sections because it gives more options to play

with them and to play off of when I add new pieces onto it.

I take in the environment, the location, what's around me. Through our work we get

to experience a particular neighborhood, a particular city.

One particular mural that is really community-based would be on Turk and Mason

here in San Francisco.

There's 3 different artists: me, Neon, and Chez who painted a very large

street-based pieces. Behind it there's a repeated pattern -- matte black, gloss black.

And then on top of that there's a quote from a poem, and the whole poem is talking

about the Tenderloin. And a lot of people in the Tenderloin really appreciate that

we sourced the poem from a poet who lives in the Tenderloin,

who understands what people go through living here,

and that we put it onto the wall for the people.

I like to create a lot of public art on the streets in hopes that there's some

other little kid in 3rd grade that's looking at my murals and maybe

they'll further the art form to the next generation.

Usually I feel hungry when I'm finished.

I paint just so I can just keep working and I get into the artwork, into the action of doing it.


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