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Kid Curator: How To Look at Public Art

Have you ever wondered about the public art you see around town? Do you know how to find the meaning of outdoor sculptures and paintings? Join an adorable six-year-old host on a journey to discover monumental public artworks throughout San Francisco.

AIRED: July 25, 2016 | 0:02:49

- Almost every city has public art,

but, sometimes, we don't even notice it.

And, sometimes, it's impossible not to notice it.

Let's go explore some outdoor art.

It's free!

(whimsical music)

What the heck is this giant bow and arrow doing here?

What does it make you wonder?

It kind of looks like a ship.

Did Cupid shoot his arrow into the ground?

Did he leave his heart in San Francisco?

What perspective do you like better?

Asking yourself questions

is a great way to make sense about art.


Check this out!

It looks like a sea urchin.

Think about the location,

and how it relates to the art.

The artist learned how to make origami when she was a kid.

Sometimes her paper art becomes permanent sculpture.

Do you have a fountain in your town?

Do you know who made it?

The more you learn about the artist,

the more you will understand the work.

Hey, I'm over here in the woods.

This almost looks natural.

It's nearly 100 feet tall.

How did this get here?

They used a crane.

How does it stand up?

There's concrete and metal inside.

What does it remind you of?

The artist said it was inspired by her church tower.

What does it mean?

The artist wants you to decide.

(rhythmic percussion)

Question it!

Does it look different in daytime or nighttime?

Is it related to the stuff around it?

What is it made with?

Is it permanent or temprurary?

Are you upposed to interact with it?

Does it refer to the community?

Did the neighbors help make it?

Get out there!

Get out there and notice your local art.

It was made just for you.

(electronic music)

What kind of public art would you make?


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