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How to Vogue with Jocquese Whitfield

Jocquese Whitfield is a Vogue legend in San Francisco, a choreographer and performer who teaches the popular “Vogue and Tone” class at Dance Mission Theater. In the latest episode of Art School, Jocquese breaks down the five elements of Vogue and discusses how the dance form became a lifestyle. Learn the basics of Vogue from this master known as Sir JoQ.

AIRED: December 15, 2015 | 0:03:12


Whitfield: What's the 5, 6, 7, 8?

It's your boy, Jocquese Whitfield,

a.k.a. Sir JoQ, and we're going to vogue.

[ Mid-tempo music plays ]


Vogue is a dance form, but not only is it a dance form,

it's a way of life, it's a culture.

Ninja: Voguing came from shade

because it was a dance that two people did

because they didn't like each other.

Instead of fighting,

you would dance it out on the dance floor.

Whitfield: New York is the birthplace of vogue.

I mean, it actually started in the 1930s.

It evolved to vogue in the late 1970s.

Back then, like, being queer,

being gay, being out, trans was very taboo.

And this vogue was an outlet for the community

to come together, to outreach,

to educate,

to have a safe sanctuary, a safe place.

[ Up-tempo music plays ]

Now you can see it in today's music videos,

from Beyoncé to Britney Spears.

People from different areas of the world

vogue differently from each other,

but everyone has the same elements --

the five elements of vogue.

[ Mid-tempo music plays ]

So, the five elements are catwalk, duckwalk,

spins, dips, hands.

Catwalk is the foundation of the five elements,

and that's when you isolate your hips

and you're moving side-to-side

and stepping, as well, on the balls of your feet.

Your hands are pretty much using your hands and your arms

and creating a story.

Duckwalk is very similar to the Russian kick,

which is all the way down to the ground,

and you're bouncing up and down, kicking out with your feet.

Spins are just your basic turns and twirls.

And then your dip is when you dip to the floor

with one leg behind your back

and the other one is extended out.

Make sure you point those feet.

It is learning the five elements,

but it's also putting you

into the movements, your personality,

and tapping into that inner diva

that you always wanted to tap into.

[ Mid-tempo music plays ]




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