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Episode 402- Body Painting and Artist Missionaries

On this episode of art loft, Kalyn James hosts from “New Art: 2015 South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual and Media Artists Fellowship Exhibition” at the University Galleries at FAU. We encounter an inspiring group of breast cancer survivors, meet two artist-missionaries, review a hilarious animated short, and learn about a photographer well-known for his portraits.

AIRED: October 05, 2015 | 0:26:45

in this edition of art lost my first reaction is being asked to participate

with Bergs statement he is very unique and I knew of his vision and two women

that had been contacted by Michael I admire tremendously so I knew from the

start of this is gonna give great opportunity I like to paint spiritual

realities things that I wouldn't be able to photograph as I like maybe when I

feel our spiritual realities in the world I would paint that and and be

photographed photographic

photography all through the sixties I was asked what they called a street

photographer that made portraits of people with existing light in the street

you know I think about people all over the world it's all ahead on this edition

of art lost funding for art loft withmade possible by the John F

and James L Knight Foundation and the Florida Keys and Key last three nights a

spectacular show every day another masterpiece

this project is sponsored in part by the Department of State Division of Cultural

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hi i'm ok when James and from the University galleries at Florida Atlantic

University this is art loft welcome to another edition of art loft coming up

hilarious animated short we need a couple who spirituality guys their

artistic mission and more but first wevisit uncommon gallery in Fort

Lauderdale there the breast cancerawareness body painting project

collaborates with survivors and celebrating their strengths and honoring

their journey here each survivor is thecanvas for her own success story

the full name is the breast cancer awareness body painting project a fine

art and photography as a of survivors and kind of says everything that the

project is it's basically the the fine art is the body painting and then I do

the photography of the survivor model'sbody painted and then I do

the digital editing after I became associated with the project meeting

Michael a body paint shoot that was completely unrelated to this was my

full-time job guys other contact

information not too long after that he

met our first survivor model and then contacted me as the painter thought

maybe something else interested in and obviously I was very interested in being

a part of the projects this is my very first one this is my very first painting

for this project

michael has been

seeking me for four years and I have been always busy so I'm really excited

to be here and working on this with them connected with most of the survivors I

think probably mostly through social media they've either met people that

were part of the project or seen the images someplace online or in the news

or magazines and then they've reached out to me my first reaction is being

asked to participate with excitement he is very unique and I knew of his vision

and two women that had been contacted by Michael I admire tremendously so I knew

from the start that this could give freeopportunity to help when I was

introduced to Mike about four years ago

and heard about the project and I was really excited to be involved because


know I've been on and was gonna be the final phase when I've been going through

it was really exciting one thing that I really found and one of the things that

really drives me along with the project is that there's a lot of breast cancer

awareness portraiture and photography and different series that are out there

but most of what I was seeing was a lot of really dramatic black and whites and

things that we're always in my mind

geared towards like making me feel sorry for people and somehow showing and

highlighting the brokenness and

everybody that I was meeting were these

amazingly Brazilian and colorful

wonderful people so I really wanted to

show not just after effects of this disease but the positive after because a

lot of the people surprisingly

which wouldn't imagine but a lot of people have in a lot of ways been

grateful to have had the cancer because they

found things about themselves discovered things about themselves or the people

around them or their families and different things or pulled people that

they met that were in the same

situations where I come from I've

overcome kind of a lot of a five-time cancer survivor

five times under the age of 35 and breast cancer was about sixty six seven

years ago and went through bilateralmastectomy reconstruction

you can imagine the challenges with that that's why you more so this project is

so important to me because emotionally it really helps me because stronger


design your account today is waves of love and it's kind of through talking

with our survivor model Danielle shefollows hearts and she's got a

connection with water and said that kind of thing she had told Michael was that

it felt like people were kind of pouring waves of love her she's going through

all the hard thing she's had to go through the design it means so happy and

against very personal

it's really inspiring the design that I worked on today with karen was based on

an email that she had originally sent Michael as part of her application to be

part of the project and at the time she was interested in the Phoenix and the

Benier bird which is an Egyptian symbol for rebirth and regeneration and a new

beginning the beauty of the benning bird and the interesting thing that Karen and

I shared is that we're both water signs and we're both crises in the bidding

bird is a bird that is reborn from water so I love Egyptian theology I love the

idea that I loved her idea and that's what we thought it off of I was like oh

my god

it was exciting

it was a thrill

and it was just brought everything it can accommodated everything abroad

together and I'm at peace

cathartic expression and the arc therapy of it has been really powerful to that

it's a very unique experience and it's very kind of meditative and relaxing to

the paintbrush you know paint their their bodies and one of the survivors

actually wrote an email after she said that she felt like with each brush

stroke that he can was painting away the woman with cancer and bring back the

woman that she remembered it yourselfpretty profound way to approach

for Survivor portraits and more visit the project's Facebook page A Breast

Cancer Awareness body painting project and for more on on common gallery

uncommon stock dotnet art lovers many of you know October is National Breast

Cancer Awareness Month ladies and gentlemen we urge you to speak to your

health care professional about thebenefits of screening and early


up next on art law

this edition of art lost comes to you from new art South Florida cultural

consortium visual and media artists fellowship exhibition currently on view

at the University galleries that FAQ for more information visit FAU dot EDU /

galleries next we make our way to the upper room our gallery to speak with

Robin hands merrill and Mark C tomorrow about their fort lauderdale-based art

collaborative while they're based here in South Florida the gallery has global

reach and with the help of like-minded contributing artists they commit to

projects that assist those affected by socio-economic and environmental issues


art gallery is a non-profit

collaborative of artists and designers

from around the world and we're all somehow involved in environmental issues

or social justice and economic

development projects so we use our

artwork in our careers as artists to help design products that can be made

from people in extreme poverty and helped to power them out and under

patent life as a painter and just designer I like to paint spiritual

realities things that I wouldn't be able to photograph as like maybe when I feel

our spiritual realities in the world up I would paint that and be photographed a

photograph it so I also work and

collaborative work of cultural events

such as the pad loved it we just did with miccosukee in Seminole Tribe and

currently we're carving a dugout canoeride in the gallery focusing on

craftsmanship it's meaningful to all cultures and all generations and we like

to help foster craft and designed as a meaningful tool bare feet are presuming

someone's self-esteem but also

potentially as a vocation training in

the front of the gallery that's called the glory of the Lord and to me that

part of Scripture of all the glory of the Lord still the Temple it was an

actual physical manifestation but a spiritual

phenomena so to speak embarcadero contributing artists here at the upper


traditional realistic are focusing on this yet to find design it actually goes

back quite a few centuries millennia Egyptian Jews it is best known for the

Greek Parthenon sculptures even their theater in their writing later described

as the true beauty

number 16 18 and relationship to one done many portraits landscapes seascapes

but I primarily use it in nature

God's Word is a divine design pattern inorder that scientifically and

mathematically shows up in nature to what I do like the Greeks and like

DaVinci I'm looking for major so I do a lot of flowers I do a lot of orchids

an artist missionary is very unique handful of us around the world we

basically take our art gift that God has given us and we go out and use it and

when do we came upon a orphanage kind of

house with the kids and we noticed they were making or trying to make him eat

people and what we did Robin and I is help them make better people what they

would do they would take well first week we had to go to all the different bins

and get newspapers and they knew where to go cuz that's where they got their


so they together all this newspaper they knew exactly what all this newspaper and

then we matched it up like kind of a meal and then we made our own little

screens and then we put them the overallmash the master of newspapers in

and and then made small little carts

a piece of paper that we made in a car and then we had the kids drawn the cars

and then robbing I in our ministry wouldbuy them back immediately

kind of bad business

good good art kids were so happy

and then

we like I said we'd have some of the Brawn them and then

we would help them keep the project going

and one of the offshoots of the project

these kids started making money to thepoint where really did you think

and the wonderful thing is my wife would take these street kids no parents no


no clothes no shoes up to a bank with it was a strict security guard with that


you wouldn't let the street kidding

my wife insisted

but the kid open a bank account

and as they were walking out

the street kid with look at his picture rocks saying that was the first time I

put on somebody

so that's the kind of ministry we did with start again handmade paper and the


I think our goal for a remark gallery is not too much expansion but just to

sustainability sustainability is a big deal especially in America that it

doesn't foster the Arts very well we are in a way counter-culture to just be a

surviving artists and gallery in America right now we have decimated the school

system for decades of art education so what do you expect we're left with

Michelle and we're left with culture that isn't very strong when it comes to

the arts and respected the arts or knowledge of the Arts 02 just being an

artist in heaven art space and to be able to be sustainable that alone is

as a huge accomplishment and that's all we would like to do is not so much

growth or expansion or duplication but but to just be a symbol and to just

encourage others go out and do likewise

you know the healthy going do good it'shard it's tough and you have to

constantly be thinking on your feet as far as how do you sustain yourself

financially as an organization and even as an individual

well if you look in the bible you up for a market is where the Passover dinner

was a lot of strange things happen and a lot of strange things happen here

we've done some

pretty unique projects are ready so the upper room are calories a place where it

shows up and it's it's a different places and sanctuary


people sense it when they come in

yeah we show our we have parties have a place to hang but it's a very very

special sanctuary to find out more about upper room art gallery visit upper room

art gallery dot com

up next on art loft well I did

photography all through the sixties I

was asked what they called the street photographer that made portraits of

people with existing life in the street you know I think about people all over

the world

picture this beautiful forest woodland creatures a unicorn and an adorable

little girl what could go wrong

well let's allow the creators of this animated short for bada gut buster of an

answer now courtesy of my animation conference and festival their 2014

student competition winner toned it

animations 2013 schedule of events includes industry pit opportunities

guest speakers master classes and more visit in my animation dot com for


this year's festival to be held October 16th and 17th is right around the corner

so to save the date

next week on art loft it seems like when people think of Cuba Cuban are they

always think that they're going to be looking still lifes of mangoes and

paintings of currently around them who was not even cuban

I get to do what I want to do every day weather makes me love it or not I

thought it would go away right out of grad school goes all the way through

grad school I was expected to make her but then I decided well I expect myself

to make up for the rest of my life so I'm stuck well I did photography all

through the sixties I was asked what they called the street photographer that

made portraits of people with existing life in the street you know I think

about people all over the world and I love doing that and I just had a nice

feel for being around people

photograph well thats fifty-four years of my own I mean when I started out I

did figure drawing I did all of the

all of the good stuff and the firm transition happened in 1973 I was

teaching at college of the Siskiyous in week teaching painting drawing design

and history I was the two-dimensional part of the art department and my dad

asked me to come to eat with him at his school is $4 for guys are you sure you

please tell me we should work together we might learn to be enemies and what he

did nobody else did as he was ill and so I was left to kind of step into his

shoes there's always been this thread its went through had thats the fact that

I need to be a craftsman I need to be in touch with whatever craft at work it

doesn't matter what does matter was claimed with its target using pencils

and then in 1979 basically decided to go out on my own studio in Sacramento doing

a lot of commercial work and I started doing the artist portraits I'd started

making the artist portraits with the idea in mind sharing artist with the

public and say this is what they look like they put their shoes on one at a

time and it's like we do they're just people to close Ansel Adams early on

Brett Weston who was one of Edwards sons all of his sons Bob Arnot said william

reilly rainforest Alex Katz in New York cortege when he was 92 making a portrait

is a partnership the subject that's it for the portrait is always at least 50%

ten times more of the portrait their concept of who they are where they want

to be photographed and I think that's if I have the honor of being around people

that love artist much as I do and I need to show go back to my dad taught me well

I remember somebody once saying that her body of work was one where you dug a

well on an idea as opposed to playing field if you dig a well you can see

where you've been and you can see where you're going and you can see the side

that too but if you play outfield but things get lost over the horizon right

and you're not sure where you've been and where you're going and if you stick

with a single idea that well well well on the portraits pushing to 75 of

artists fortress I think what's grown has been my understanding of why do it

and why being able to practice what I know is such a blessing I think that's

kinda keitel thanks for joining us thisweek let our loft inspire your

creativity every day visit W PVT to dot org / art lot to watch past episodes and

don't forget to get social with us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram at Art

Loss FL I'm killing James reminding you to stay creative

funding for art loft with made possible by the John F

and James L Knight Foundation and

in the Florida Keys and Key West every night

a spectacular show every day

this project is sponsored in part by the Department of State Division of Cultural

Affairs the Florida Council of arts andculture and the state of Florida


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