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Episode 248 - Island Landscapes & Florida Keys or Bust...

This week...Lush tropical landscapes, Florida Keys or bust, the Eyes Without a Face exhibit gives mental health issues a voice & some iconic drawings from artist Edward Hopper.

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in this addition art lost a painter

over the net for Island scenes my paint landscapes

for the simplicity and what color the atmosphere

I'm attracted to the Florida landscape the bright colours the pastel colours

home Florida Keys a bar but

a history tourism it's wonderful

because we have locals come in who I think don't even fully appreciate how

far back the tourism industry extends

here in the Florida Keys and so they've come in and learn something and taken

that away and

mental illness 30 I have an artist

what we did was we set those answers

and Michael

associate at them with different guys week

to keep the in on a minute she going Mario Sanchez

Mark Cuban and key west United you the most important cuban-american folk


and the 20th century and a very first

native Floridian you have a museum exhibit in New York

and review painter Edward Hopper through a new york Glen

and sets up a hundred years detention the popper exploded over and over again

its all ahead on this addition

I'll are klom funding for art loft

was made possible by the John S and James L Knight Foundation

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in the Florida Keys and Key West every night spectacular show

you can

and every day he's another masterpiece

ok hi I'm kaelin James and from history Miami

this is art law

welcome to our blog tonight we take a closer look at the artwork

and creative process behind some well-known Edward Hopper pains

but first me John harbour an artist from the northern region

at the Florida Keys and I'll Amerada his paintings depict the last

landscapes an island things that surround his home take a look

the new

I work in oil and I work in pastels my pay within a new painting and what i do

is i paint with basically the opposite colors that I'm going to end up with

kinda makes a nice so libration

0 they work with paper and then I use a brush and I smear the personal with


so it kinda turns into like a watercolor and I draw and paint

I work back into that was just so so %uh that's a three-year

faster way working the oil

oil paints a little more formal the pain today and then you a couple days the

pain and the

pastels you'll have to wait a couple hours the new

I paint landscapes for the simplicity and the color

lovely atmosphere I'm attracted to the Florida landscape

the bright colors the pastel colors it's a funny thing I i

go up north in the summertime and I think about doing landscapes but I just

i've seen so many

northern lands who pledges I'm not attracted paying that work

I grew up north I would pay everything people are

I rarely pain man-made objects occasionally there's a channel marker or

there's a bridge

the old seven mile bridge has a nice arches and I use their

but normally I get rid of anything man-made the

the Nikon Hecla

so when I go out into the wilderness I take a camera nice catch with a camera


so I'm attracted to places where there are many people

unify paints a a beach I get real houses

the mud I made the key is my home because the wonderful color and North

serenity it's just us and my paintings are very simple with their minimalistic

it was a

and it's just water in sky the horizon

and the we got a lot to that here

like them I work displayed in the public places is a great honour

I have several projects the that I've done for our in public places

%uh a lot in the keys and so to an Broward County and one in dade county


the most public and biggest piece o done and I'm proud proud as the

would be the piece in the Murray Nelson government other its ten feet high

AP wind to vertical and its coming down the creek

and coming out into the bay and you can see the bay in the bright sunshine in

the day

then you got all these dark dramatic colors are

tunnel globo photographed in that area several times once we will be my family

and I were in a vote

and like the guy we attack with us tonight the way

the back into the bushel voter and the

that was a great day my grandkids who was meant always remember that

are I've been starting to do these collages

and I've been taking scrap Prince from gun cameras tasting them together and

making new images

so they're kinda abstract images made from realistic images

when your success also been a problem because people are expecting you to do

the same thing over again

so and and that's what people want to always becomes a problem with an artist


we always wanna the growing so it's its

it's a tough thing am ia I'm at a point in my life where I'm

pushing ahead and then it doesn't really matter that's commercially successful

I can't describe it you know it creeps up on you

you just worked in your work changes which is a really

mean it too me just happened I get you

College Road the


on to connect with this artist

log on to John David harbour dot com and for the

ultimate in art and culture throughout the Florida Keys that that LA

dash keys dot com

we created the eyes and then in the second part that the medicine cabinets

and we realize that their medicine cabinets lineup but

let the medication that same

for decades the Florida Keys have been described at the tropical

exotic paradise attracting visitors from around the country

and abroad for this story we journey to the southern end this island community

to Key West and got a glimpse at the history of its tourism industry

and the for turkeys are busted his 40 West what

we want to do with tell the story in the outdoors and how this island has

developed over the past

a hundred ninety years herself it starts

as soon as the island is founded in 1821

and goes right up to the present day after the Great Depression

the WPA artis move down here and started boosting tourism

as much as they could to promote the island because the I would have gone

bankrupt their part of the federal emergency relief

acts that brought artist out the US and other cities all around the country

wasn't just a key west

and they were meant to exemplify the city through their paintings and

etchings to make people want to come here to basically forming industry


lot of nothing

and from that time on tourism have a significant impact on the economy

there was a substantial booming tourism right after the opening at the railroad

in the exhibition we have some artifacts found Flagler's railroad sesame

signal lights at we also have I wear and tear on that the conductors with news

and also sections are track and at

up somewhat from the actual carriages pick up

interesting part about using postcards and partial orders

in the exhibit is essentially everybody can recognize dust

can also reply to my eyes as I think the Tories and experiencing are now with

exact Facebook and Instagram it's not as as prevalent

but in the fifteen years ago that was the way to seven straight to your

friends and family

however the experiences you were having a vacation

the prospects are all in our permanent collection American using am

and we just stand them and put them up so people can really appreciate

the true artistic nature up in particular quite colorful

very beautiful a poster collecting somewhere around three thousand so it's

actually a bit difficult to even pay

the ones that we put out that we try to target things that people would identify

with coming down here

hemingway and the wary of gamma official so we tried to use

I facilities involved in here is tom


it's wonderful because we have locals come in who I think don't even fully

appreciate how far back the tourism industry extends

here in the Florida Keys and so they've come in and learn something and take the

matter when I am

have a lot of tourists that come into our lives there and I think that they

get a better understanding of

outdoors and develop and why are they here as opposed to going

somewhere else on their vacation

the heart of the tourism industry down here involved a lot of businesses in one

of those businesses was cocky West Champaran

factory people that worked out here towards the tennis sixties and early


words arrest him office these are some of the examples I

the items that they fabricated also the nineteen seventies

the island conquer a wall in the economy

I made a big influence a day business owners moving down here helping

businesses in buying up all the property and fixing it up that actually

beautify the city and then there were things to draw people to the island

which had been there

ass out to see the automobile

on a road through the Atlantic Ocean we're very fortunate to stumble across a

commercial produced by Chevrolet in the nineteen thirties

up before the hurricane so I think with how about 1934

and the commercial focus on create new Chevrolet models that was available for

that particular year

and how comfortable smoother ride it isn't because the road was

was and in the process of being built to come down to the keys

they thought it was a great marketing option for them to say to drive down

typically you have to take a ferry between cities the road but stop you hop

on a ferry with your car

continue on and then get back on the road go and what Chevrolet was hoping to

achieve saying their rivals so comfortable that you couldn't

we forget using the fair you can actually just drive over the train

tracks instead he wouldn't feel any of the box because it was such a smooth

ride so you can forgo

I the unfortunate a rewrite

them I think actually one of the most enduring

things that we have in the exhibit is focusing on the southernmost point

that's always a place that tourists go there looking at the photographs taken

there's currently a giant buoy painted at the southernmost point

but that hasn't been there that long before the southernmost bully was


put their there was a a gentleman mister

he cool you sit there with his family every day selling

Babcock show and all sorts of

wonderful little items for people to buy just underneath assigns

the thing I would like the sitters take the way i think is the rich history

that the Florida newscast and

new stores and as an example of but there are a lot of other elements that


incorporated into the exhibit but I think it flush it out a little talk

about the railroad for talking about

the Great Depression worth talking about industry down here that

control towers and so I think I use it for them at the center

hoping that visitors both local and

from of our come down here and appreciate

couple just read that we have to

the key west art and Historical Society

features three distinct national landmarks each with its own exhibits

to learn more enter kW eight-page Desktop Board

and stay up to date on events taking place throughout this island chain

by following them on Twitter at the Florida Keys

with these words you can't see

you sorry you don't seek US you can see the old Key West

just a few blocks away from the customs house on Pine Street

you'll find the studios of Key West here Michael Phillips is photographs and

site-specific installation

offer a new perspective on Mental Illness this story keeps us in the

southern tip

up the Florida Keys syncope the

I love her




my name Sherri read it

and I am the president here in PA not supported living which is an assisted

living facility for

adults with mental illness

and I wrote a grant to the Florida Keys Arts Council

to do this art and social cause

cancellation it's called the without a face

looking into the eyes mental illness and I

this is to know Grammy use the arts as a way to

praying as subject to light to raise awareness

ya know very yeah taboo subject that

most people don't think about our talk about

my name is Michael Spiller Bernama an architectural photographer

we interviewed the residents up the herring pick up how's

and we asked them he was the first place that they see the eyes

and they said well and the medicine cabinets and about 30

I'm that so we started the conversation going so weak we created the eyes

and then in the second part that the medicine cabinets and we realized in the

medicine cabinet

lineup but let the medication they tank

and the we found the creative ways of showing the medication

so we have the mad so that day day facts

and the side effects that this is I think smile in the morning

this is I take to sleep but I could lose my hair

I can gain way certain purp

start identifying with these people and starts to realize

me that they are practically the undi

as the saying


that most wonderful thing about this is PRI's

because the eyes and the most

informative piece about the body and

actually create the most connection with other people and we look into their eyes

he immediately got it and said let's do it



well michael was photographing the people he was asking them questions

like so what is it that you do in the morning

what what's the first thing that you do when you wake up bicycle here toothbrush

what's in your medicine cabinet and while they are giving us the answers I


writing them down on a piece of paper and so what we did was we

set those answers and Michael

associate at them with different guys week

to keep the in on a minute she going

at the people who use whether residents but

really what we want to target this everybody to create the awareness

I tonight they're realizing that this many people that are here

had no clue that this organization thinks this

and that's one of the things that sherry has been doing three years cuz

all the other organizations that deal with different subjects

have more next sex appeal

some reason mental health that's my job doing an art show

was to give it a little sex appeal

to view more photos from this artist log on to Michael Philip dot com

and for details on exhibits and other events at the studios of Key West

and DTS kW dot board

and sets up and employers detention the popper exploded over and over again

the Mario Sanchez one race the human race project in Key West

showcases select pieces created by the late artist at the same thing

this summer we sat down with the exhibits US curator

to learn about Sanchez and his connection to today's contemporary


%uh done


I've been working with been a most important

native Floridian hired Mario Sanchez for twenty years now

and twenty years ago we started talking about his philosophy of life

which was one race the human race gender

racial and religious a quality which is the basis and the fundamental

hired and history a keeper he left the different for me anywhere else ever been

in your whole life

Key West for 150 years

has embraced diversity Maria Sanchez was born in 1908

he said folk artistes punk US he comes

for me human funding came many many years

from US grandparents came here during

10-year warranty Cuba

which the cuban people locked again thing

and baby had to public you left because they were

political refugees do you the most important cuban-american hope artist

as the 20th century and a very first

native Floridian you have a museum exhibit in New York

something I love about my then I am

done but simply keeping his word when I see my sense is work

it reminds me from a cherry bomb it all started out with an exhibit for Mario

at the National Gallery in havana and

for me know what's the most wonderful experience dabba

30 worse there with his word you can't see

history you don't seek US you can see the old Key West

but I thing for acumen who knows b2b to a history

point to see my attention work is like to have

every jeffey images

histories yearly hearing right

as we started developing with my co curators hope NC Montero from the

National Museum about

fine art in havana we started talking about doing an exchange

so we chose artists who were holding me on black

can wait and Hispanic the callers we chose artists with different religions

and different genders so all those people came out with all about the art

so that was the basic idea bring different people with different ideas

and also with the day without busting

problem US may be there be exhibition hall around the city

different galleries grace this was the largest group of Cuban artists who had

ever worked together in the United States the for religion

caller crazies you we don't care

when we have a thumb up we're all the same

we both in the same their age that's a wonderful spring

you have this whole question you don't see who is

year said everyone's

same same

I worked with a group of artists have been working to it

three years half small stains peace basin have on

this painting over here he said best

that sketch from the yen sludge force

this cage would be really difficult to me is

their really for SK into SC

that Blackwelder he's from a theory

call method for us power press painted you wanted to do

traditional way of brain thing with oils

oils on campus in the contemporary world with it

contemporary vision and I remember we had this during

what's it like drain from K that may begin we wanted to paint it

you know my painting simpson up do on pain for

like marijuana Lester and these

Andrea K play using pastry devices so

week on fact that day

person who makes re okay came to the studio

dentist at the greatness so simple

up to 30 minutes

she was out there who were US

doing me me yet this is about taking my assigned to the idea and one race the

human race

and making it function building that cultural bridge to cuba

for the United States and every other country really is what this is all about

you know he was known for a lot of things key lime pie income

freighters that what's really exceptional about Key West

is that we've had 150 years

and embracing diversity because we want to know

who you are not how much money you have for what you do

and that's what my really like a madman

weather and go to me the expiration

yards teaching for with pride

they would get the

pep talk from nature operate PS Beausejour

history people from my room

more races in


to learn more about this project

visit gallery on green dot com and to see more folk art from Sanchez

visit the port East Martello museum in Key West

details at kW 8 Beth dot boring

not until I was 11 or 12 that I begin to understand

that this was something quite unique that she was doing

finally tonight we take an intimate look at the life and worth

artist Edward Hopper from the city that shapes and inform his distinctive style

join us in New York City we explore his iconic portfolio

and creative process the

the thing I say over and over again with hopper is that he worked from the fact

any improvised and those are his phrases for

working from nature direct observation and using his imagination


all the things in reality into something bigger and more universal

hopper had a very long association with the Whitney Museum

that started as a very young man he had his first exhibitions

at the Whitney studio club can you handle a retrospective exhibition

toward the end of his life it was his wish that his artistic to stay

come to the Whitney Museum because of his long relationship to the museum

that included over 2500 works

mostly drawings and the drawings allow you to get inside his mind i think im to


how he put together his iconic paintings in our used drawings to work out those



where you get that the most is New York me because you have all the songs that

were done in

that the leaders in New York and have all the songs that were done in his


that were the synthesis that observed real

the theater that is most based on as the palace theater and it was closed but it

was definitely not


floral pattern on the carpet killed column balcony under hangs

the backs of the chairs were probably pretty much like they were in the


but the space is different the space becomes more compressed

kinda things that I psychological tension lighting itself

that kind of thing was changed the

this is a a room that hopper I moved into in 1932

however he lived in this building since 1913 and he died

in the this rumor the next door in 1967

so this is the space where he painted many of his most famous paintings

copper love to walk around New York this is a great spot to do that from

this is a painted are back up the form here

building that are repeated for early Sunday morning feeling inspired it was


seventh Avenue between 15th and 16th streets is less than a mile from here

it was built in 1878 in 20 down in 1938

is so important about that is that would happen painted in 1930 was already in

whole building in the box and hold America so he makes the painting about

kinda collective memory

Nighthawks is an amalgamation three corners on Grant Avenue that meet at

on these wedge shaped tangles and where you can to look through

from one side of the ball into the other end three national triangle

I also some believe strongly that the two for the Flatiron Building was the

probably the main inspirations from the talks because the shape is very very


and is in fact that far from here

an obstacle operate call

these times together

those two things together are important because one shows an old New York in one


a new york kinda overtaking whole new world

lot of hopper's work is about downtown New York more than I think the hopper

was aware of

like I do distance you get and urban environment where your

physically close to people but you're not engaging with them

in New York you can walk down the street in nineteen someone's window into the

spectator looking in on these people and was like the can see you and it sets up

and employers to tension that hopper exploded over and over again

hopper's paintings are intensely awkward sometimes the figures are rocker there's

is there's a tension in the strangeness store discomfort

that as per the subject matter of his paintings

I think there's something also deeply sympathetic at the people that he's

depicting and their condition I would hope that

seen the paintings in tandem with the drawings the carefulness the women to

vote for the last people understand him in a different way

for information on the Edward Hopper collection at the Whitney Museum

log on to Whitney got or well that's our show this week friends

the WPT to that port slash art law

to watch past episodes and be sure to follow on Facebook

Twitter and Instagram at art lost at FL

until next time I'm kaelin James reminding you to stay creative

thanks so much for lighting by the





doll hey Tommy it

Monday to keep it up even

come on in here you there's a lot of just gonna basically pass out her

look to yeah catering

cases created mmm I'm

didn't start off well and I was gonna say bye

coming from anyway it was coming on them out by

them at my had already have the work from home created by

early artist the same me

created by the late artist bubble same name

home the RA funding for art loft

was made possible by the John S and James L Knight Foundation

Newman's Own giving all profit to charity

and pursuing the common good for over 30 years and

in the Florida Keys and Key West every night spectacular show

you can

and every day he's another masterpiece



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