ART IS...Event Recap

Event Recap of Art Is... Our Call for Peace on May 7th, 2019

AIRED: May 07, 2019 | 0:02:22

(light music)

- I am one of five brothers.

Xuezeng, Lajly, Wuang, Meng

and then there's me, Kevin.

(light laughter)

- Tonight was the celebration of Hmong art

in America across generations, across mediums

and it was also a capacity to dream

and to envision a better world

in our case a more peaceful world.

It's really just such a wonderful opportunity

for me to be in conversation with my father

whose work inspires me and then to hear that Kevin

is inspired by my work and then to see

how Xee visualizes the same force

that compels me and calls me to the page,

it's a gift.

The secret war, the biggest covert operation

in CIA history and it's ramifications

would tear into the history of a people.

- It really spoke to a part of me

that I felt I could not express.

(singing Song Poetry in Hmong)

So it was really touching for me

and it was really special in that way.

(Song Poetry in Hmong)

- It's great to walk into a space where you see

the narrative's not being compromised.

- It feels important that for Minnesota's culture

that we're hearing the voices of all

the different groups that make up our state.

- I wanted to show the kids who they are,

where they come from.

- I liked how they all preserved our history

in a different way.

- They're gonna be fading marks,

you know parts of us are gonna fade.

Parts of our culture is going to fade

because we're gonna incorporate where we are

with who we are.

- So many of us have such important stories to tell

and when we're given platforms like this

to share them out, I think we're able

to create connections that mean so much.

I'm reminded that the speaker is just as important

as the words that drop out of their mouths

and I'm reminded that I'm Kevin

as much as I am Ntxuam.

(audience applauds)


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