ART IS...Event Recap

ART IS... CreativeNativeResilience event recap from June 13th, 2019.

AIRED: June 13, 2019 | 0:02:13

- [Rear Performer] Are you ready?

- [Front Performer] Ready! - [Rear Performer] Okay!

(upbeat music)

- Just from the moment I walked in, seeing the artwork,

and then the audience was already full by the time we came,

and then just seeing

the performances start was very impactful.

I just really almost was brought to tears

for some of those pieces tonight.

- Art is... CreativeNativeResilience

is a show that I created.

I think that as Native people we're really invisibilized,

or we're kind of stuck in a historical context,

and these were all young, vibrant,

Native people doing extraordinary things.

- We stand with the water.

We stand here.

- And here.

- And here. Water is life!

(audience cheering)

- Events like this connect people

across boundaries and within themselves,

also showcase new kinds of talent

or voices that may not have been heard before.

- ♪ Take my hand and we'll take it slow ♪

♪ All around we go

♪ Yeah, we go

- This is an opportunity for me to learn more

about what the Indigenous community wants me to know.

- Those teachers didn't break me

(speaks in Ojibwe)

We're still Anishinaabe; we're still Indian.

We still stand tall; we still stand proud.

- The diversity is what I appreciated hearing,

like the different tribal languages from this whole area,

the music, the drumming.

I flew in from Montana to be here,

and I'm so grateful we made it.

It was wonderful.

(performers singing)

- Once we get to do our work, it speaks for itself.

I've already had people reaching out to me

just from the audience saying, "I want to connect,

"I want to work. Let's make some things happen."

I'm hopeful to see what the future brings for us.

(audience cheering)

(upbeat music)


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