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Jay Leno: Contemporary Custom Mermaid Weathervane & Peacock

Karen Keane appraises Jay Leno's Contemporary Custom Mermaid Weathervane & Peacock Garden Statue during Celebrity Edition, Hour 1.

AIRED: November 22, 2021 | 0:03:29

HOST: Jay Leno's Newport mansion has all the creature comforts inside plus some interesting creatures outside.

APPRAISER: Jay we're in the garden and there's even antiques out here right right tell me tell me

about the weather vane.

GUEST: Well I was hoping you could tell me something about the weather vane. I've been up on the roof but never examined

it specifically for this house or I don't know anything about it. APPRAISER: I don't believe that it's a

19th century weather vanes which is most of the ones that we see in America.

The antique ones. I think this is a custom made piece from the probably 2000 to

not very long ago. You can get these weather vanes done in the 15,000 range and then they start going

up. This is a mermaid form right and she's got a shell that she's holding which is a rarer uh

form for the 19th century. We see them much more in the 20th and 21st it just seems to be one of those

symbols that people love. This one is particularly beautifully made if you look at the directionals. I

mean that's always a nice sign for the quality of a weathervane but I would say probably in the 15,000

to 25 000 range to buy it new. If you had to to have it fabricated. GUEST: Did you notice the peacock

out on the...APPRAISER: I saw that. GUEST: In 1947 the lady bought this house and redid it after being devastated in '38.

And she had that in the garden basically right out here as a centerpiece then there was a huge

hurricane, water came and swept it out to sea and that was the end of that. Then 10 years later she

sold the house. Then 20 years later she comes to visit the new owners sometime in the 90s

and she sees the peacock out on the lawn again and she says to them and it's hers. It's a bit battered

and beat up and she says where'd that come from. They said oh we had a huge storm one day and the

peacock just showed up on the lawn the next day so apparently got swept out to sea stayed out there

for a couple of decades and then was swept back in again. APPRAISER: Oh my gosh. GUEST: At least it came back so that's

that's good so maybe it's maybe it's a homing uh peacock. APPRAISER: So the peacock is a symbol of many many

things and one of the symbols is resurrection because they lose these tail feathers right and

then they grow back again. So there's biblical references um to the peacock so that's kind of

cool. So this is sort of a resurrection this thing left and then it came back again. GUEST: Kind of like my

career I work for NBC so that their symbol is a peacock and so there you go. APPRAISER: Oh wow I mean it's a

great complicated story so any idea of its value? GUEST: I have no idea I have no idea of its value I mean I

think the story makes it valuable so I think it's more in the provenance almost than in the actual

value of the statue. APPRAISER: I think it's a pretty cool thing yeah and I think there is a vibrant market

in garden statuary right um maybe an auction estimate of ten to fifteen thousand dollars.

You know um and I think it would do better than that yeah it's a it's a really pretty I love

the tail right drapes down. GUEST: You just don't know it's going to run off again. You know it's like a

runaway bride it's one of those things that shows up and it disappears for decades and it comes back.


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