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Christian Siriano: Billy Porter 2019 Oscars Tuxedo Gown

Katy Kane appraises Christian Siriano's Billy Porter-worn tuxedo gown during Celebrity Edition, Hour 3.

AIRED: November 22, 2021 | 0:01:42

GUEST: This gown is one of my favorites because-- and probably the most iconic, which is Billy

Porter's kind of tuxedo gown at the Oscars.

APPRAISER: Absolutely. Just an amazing piece, and it's so inclusive in its design and eye-catching

when he appeared on the red carpet.

GUEST: Yeah.

APPRAISER: And it's just a really amazing piece.

GUEST: I start with a sketch, we go into a pattern, we get fabric. That's pretty old

school of making clothes, there's no big machines. We have seamstresses that are upstairs right

now making the clothes by hand. So it's a really beautiful process, actually, that I

think is kind of a dying art. (sewing machine humming)

APPRAISER: So, labor, time, what would you estimate your cost to be for something like

the Billy Porter outfit?

GUEST: I think what was the most expensive was the yardage of the silk velvet...


GUEST: ...which is probably one of the most expensive fabrics. So I think we were probably

into that dress for maybe $7,500, in that world.


GUEST: Which isn't crazy...


GUEST: But then it's kind of like, okay, then Billy wore it at the Oscars, what would I

ever charge for this? You know, it's a hard thing.

APPRAISER: Your insurance value, I would think with that provenance and the uniqueness of

the outfit

GUEST: Mm-hmm.

APPRAISER: that you'd probably want to insure it for at least double that.

GUEST: Yeah.

APPRAISER: And it's the kind of thing, you know, maybe if it were sold at a charity auction

that also tied into Billy Porter-- the sky is the limit.

GUEST: Okay, good to know. If I ever sell it.

APPRAISER: I can't imagine that you would, no.

GUEST: Maybe, maybe really long down the road. Some of these pieces, really also just for

me, like such great memories, it's hard to get rid of them.

APPRAISER: They're like your babies, they're your children.

GUEST: Yeah, little children.

APPRAISER: You created them, yeah.


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