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Two Things That Gave Carl Reiner the Most Pleasure in Life

Comic legend Carl Reiner describes the two things that gave him the most pleasure in life.

AIRED: June 30, 2020 | 0:01:30

- Marie Antoinette. - Oh!

- She's always fascinated me. - Oh, Marie An...

what a cutie.

- Did you know her? - What a cutie.

- You knew Marie Antoinette? - Oh, I went with her, dummy,

I went with her! - You went with? No!

- Yeah, we used to go to dances together.

- Marie Antoinette?

- She put a big wig with powder.

I used to sneeze all night from the powder on the wig, yeah.

- You went with Marie?

- I knew her well.

- You went with her.

Now, the day the tumbrel brought her to the guillotine-

- The tumbrel, yes, they took her.

- When that guillotine fell, and chopped her head off,

how did you feel? - Yes.


- Yes. (audience laughing)

I felt awful about it, killed my whole day.

- Yes. (audience laughing)

- Killed her day too, you know.

Two things that give me pleasure, real pleasure in life.

One of them is walking along and somebody saying,

"2,000 Year Old Man," and they quote from it.

They quote from it, kids.

Or I'll ask them, "Where did you hear it?"

"My father played it for me."

That's 50 years ago, and it's still valid.

That is very thrilling to know that.

And the other thing is dozens, and dozens of writers

have come up to me and said,

"When I was a kid, I was a funny kid.

"And I used to watch, 'The Dick Van Dyke Show,'

"and he talked about being comedy writers."

And I said, "Oh, you mean the things people

"say on television, somebody writes?"

And maybe two dozen or more people

have come up to me saying, "I'm a writer

"because I was a funny kid,

"and I knew that someday you can use that

"to become a writer, to write for somebody else."

Those two things thrill me more than anything.


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